UTSW Brain Institute and Cancer Center

Dallas, TX


Vaughn Construction hired Brandt in June 2019 to perform the mechanical and plumbing scope of two nine-story buildings, approximately 300,000 square feet each, at UT-Southwestern’s North Campus. The new facility includes the outpatient cancer care tower of the Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Peter O’Donnell Jr. Brain Institute research tower.

Engineering and Preconstruction coordinated closely with Vaughn and Affiliated Engineers Incorporated (AEI) as a

Cancer Center Perspective

design-assist partner. According to Nelson Beaver, Engineering Director, “The project schedule required Brandt to begin construction well before the completed design documents were released.  Three years later, it’s encouraging to see the hard work we all put into the design and planning has paid off.”

Brain Institute Perspective

Offsite fabrication has enhanced the productivity of our workforce and allowed us to track labor objectives to maintain the customer schedule.

General Superintendent, Josh Sperling, stated, “The Brandt and Vaughn teams have had a great working relationship that allowed for continuous communication in a collaborative environment. We identified obstacles early, evaluated the schedule regularly, and led the job site in maintaining safety, quality, and productivity.”

Rooftop Perspective

Once operational in Fall 2022, these facilities will have a positive, lasting effect on over 50 million Americans suffering from brain disease. Tripling UTSW’s current cancer care capabilities means there will be additional space to pursue research, make discoveries and collaborate to improve treatment and find a cure.

Project Director, Jason Fee, reflected on our involvement on the project, “The depth of expertise and participation from Brandt’s team in this project continues to be incredible,” he said. “It reminded me of a relay race. Engineering, Estimating, Sales, BIM, Operations, Safety, Startup, and Commissioning all passed the baton forward seamlessly at critical moments in the project, using our Core Values as a guide, delivering the project to our customer, with the professionalism that only Brandt can.”

This project highlights Brandt’s commitment to design, fabrication, and coordination between our teams and project partners. The UTSW Brain and Cancer Institute project has paved the way for replicating this recipe for success on other Brandt projects.

  • 989,142 pounds of sheet metal installed
  • 37 fans with a combined 598,580 cubic feet per minute (CFM) output
  • 14 custom air handling units with a combined 1,015,000 CFM output
  • 46 mechanical and plumbing pumps with a combined flow of 16,219 gallons per minute (GPM)
  • 91 fan coil units



  • Owner: UT Southwestern
  • Architect: EYP Architecture & Engineering
  • Engineer: Affiliated Engineers Incorporated
  • Contractor: Vaughn Construction


  • Start/Completion Dates: 12/2018 – 02/2022
  • Project Size: 600,000 SF
  • Brandt Role: Mechanical and Plumbing Design-Assist Services