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Fabrication Services

Fabrication services should be easy; for construction-based projects, trust a dedicated team like Brandt for a job well done.

Discover Excellence With Brandt’s Sheet Metal and Pipe Fabrication Services

Brandt excels in construction-based projects with over 180,000 square feet of production space in Dallas and San Antonio. Our investment in high-quality equipment and automation technology ensures the efficient delivery of building solutions. The fabrication team handles multi-trade projects, including plumbing assemblies, electrical assemblies, piping, ductwork, hangers, and multi-trade rack systems.

Experience What Brandt Can Do for You

We offer a wide range of fabrication services, including:

Electrical Fabrication

The electrical fabrication shop produces duct banks and pre-assembled components for seamless on-site installation. Collaborating with the field and virtual design team, they pre-assemble light fixtures, overhead supports, boxes, home run wire spooling, and more.

Modular Fabrication

Integrated modular prefabricated racked corridor systems offer off-site construction with tested sections incorporating ductwork, water piping, electrical conduit, cable trays, and fire protection.

SKID Fabrication

Customized skid fabrication services streamline equipment installation, saving time and money. Skids are tailored to specific layouts, ensuring efficient use of space and quality control during unit construction.

Plumbing & Piping Fabrication

Brandt’s piping locations produce precise welds at a remarkable rate, handling underground plumbing, structural steel supports, steam hook-ups, coil hook-ups, public toilet batteries, room lavatory assemblies, and medical gas system components.

Brandt’s two piping facilities achieve exceptional precision, delivering commercial and industrial-grade welds at an average rate of 6,400 diameter inches per week (or 17,500 diameter inches at full capacity). This amounts to an impressive nearly 1,000,000 inches per year.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our computerized sheet metal facility produces six million pounds of ductwork annually, showcasing our commitment to quality construction solutions. When operating at full capacity, we can produce up to eight million pounds. Take a look at our sheet metal fabrication process here:

Discover Brandt’s Streamlined Construction-Based Projects

Our process is time-tested and customer-approved. With quality interwoven throughout our processes, your construction project has never been easier with our fabrication capabilities.

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Does Brandt have experience in my industry?

With over 70 years of experience, we have seen a lot. Our scope of fabrication service capabilities includes these industries:

Don’t see your industry? Give us a call for a consultation so we can address your needs properly.

How do I know fabrication services will help my construction?

With any construction, it can be difficult to cover all of your bases. Our design-build services include everything from preconstruction to emergency maintenance, so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. Our fabrication services make for a streamlined construction process and a quality final product you can be proud of.

Can Brandt help with other construction needs?

Yes. Brandt has experience with MEP construction needs, and providing quality fabrication services for whatever comes your way. Outside of fabrication, Brandt offers service and maintenance for a variety of areas, including: