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Mechanical Construction Services

Ensure Precise Installations With Brandt’s Skilled Team

Brandt’s Mechanical Construction Services offers unmatched design-build and design-assist services for construction endeavors. Our fabrication capabilities, project scheduling techniques, and extensive market scope

Our commitment to excellence is evident in every project we undertake, ensuring not only efficient service but also enhanced safety and reliability of your mechanical systems. Whether it’s a new construction project or remodel of existing systems, trust Brandt to deliver tailored solutions that exceed industry standards and meet your specific needs with unparalleled efficiency and expertise.

Experience Brandt’s Design-Build and Design-Assist Mechanical Construction Services

In the field of new construction, Brandt is known for its expertise in setting up and maintaining mechanical systems. With experience and special skills, our team is great at fitting HVAC systems into new buildings. We pay close attention to every detail from start to finish, maximizing the longevity and lifespan of your systems.

We support commercial and industrial markets across Texas. As a licensed contractor, you can be confident in our quality of work in whatever industry you reside in. So, if you’re building something new or renovating an existing space, trust Brandt to be your full-service mechanical partner.

Discover Brandt's Superior Mechanical Construction Services

Conquer Construction Project Scheduling and Safety with Brandt’s Expertise

Ensuring Safety in Mechanical Construction Environments

At Brandt, safety takes priority in our mechanical construction projects. We implement complete protocols to prioritize safety, protecting our skilled trades professionals and employees on-site. Our dedicated safety team actively addresses safety concerns and implements practical solutions to enhance on-site safety standards.

Comprehensive Project Scheduling with our Fabrication Capabilities

In our fabrication shop, we develop high-quality, customized ductwork and ship them to the project site for installation into your new systems. Working together with the field and our BIM and virtual design team, the opportunities to utilize our fabrication shop are endless. Our ability to streamline your construction process makes us a unique and beneficial partner for your next mechanical construction project.

Licensed and Certified Mechanical Experts

Brandt boasts a team of licensed experts in mechanical construction, dedicated to upholding the highest industry standards. Our field employees undergo continuous training and hold industry certifications to deliver construction services with utmost safety and compliance. Specific training, including 8-hour Brandt-specific safety orientation classes and OSHA 10-hour training for new hires, reinforces our commitment to safety. Through supervisor safety meetings, we promote positive safety behavior and gather feedback to continually enhance job site safety, reviewing accidents and incidents for ongoing improvement.


Discover Brandt’s Superior Mechanical Construction Services

Explore Brandt’s exceptional mechanical construction services, where our team’s expertise and precision ensure top-tier installation and maintenance of commercial HVAC systems. With decades of collective experience, we specialize in providing tailored solutions for the following:

Champion Your Construction Projects With Brandt’s 70+ Years of Experience

Take advantage of the knowledge gained from more than 70 years of mechanical expertise. Brandt’s long-standing experience in the industry showcases our skill and capacity to offer custom, top-notch solutions to a variety of markets. We rely on this extensive background to deliver unmatched service tailored to meet both industry standards and the unique needs of each client.