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Manufacturing Facilities & Research Laboratories


Brandt Industrial’s bio-pharmaceutical customer coverage includes both manufacturing facilities and research laboratories. Brandt has performed critical piping projects, delivered quality instrumentation automation, and installed control systems to sensitive areas of product manufacturing and development. These areas include advance sterilization technologies, bulk product development, and research and development. When engineering, production and technical staff need assistance with equipment validation and qualification, call on an experienced leader like Brandt Industrial.


Our Capabilities

  • 3A Sanitary Qualifications
  • Stainless Steel Welding Procedures
  • Orbital Welding for High Purity Piping Systems
  • FDA Traceability
  • Batch Mixing of Product
  • Hygienic Piping
  • In-house QA/QC Services
  • Shutdowns & Emergency Response Services
  • Process Ductwork & HEPA Filtration
  • Spool Fabrication & 3D Modeling Services