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Electrical Construction Services

Explore our diverse electrical construction services for your next commercial or industrial project.

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Since our inception over 70 years ago, an early and intense coordination effort has been the linchpin around which our well-documented project success has turned. In this regard, Brandt’s resources are substantial. We utilize the latest technology, including BIM (Building Information Modeling), 3D CAD, and NavisManage collision check software to model all of our projects.

Technology can and does impress; however, Brandt’s remarkable and somewhat unique investment in experienced, CAD-trained professionals is more so. We employ more than 80 full-time dedicated BIM detailers and virtual designers. Our experienced professionals work in all aspects of construction and are exceptionally proficient in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and process trades.

Our field teams are entirely union. Our team not only permits us to identify and resolve conflicts early on but also facilitates timely and efficient field installations. Brandt’s strategic investments into the preplanning arena have advanced our ability to minimize risk, maximize safety, and complete schedules faster and with minimal cost to clients.

Our approach involves evaluating design alternatives, considering investment costs, and calculating ongoing operating expenses. Our dedicated team of talented designers and engineers utilizes state-of-the-art techniques to maintain quality throughout the building’s new construction and updates.

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Diverse Electric Construction Services

In our fabrication shop, we will fabricate electrical and communications duct banks and ship them to the project site for a single pick installation into awaiting excavated trenches. Working together with the field and our virtual design team, the opportunities to utilize the electrical fabrication shop are endless. We currently can pre-assemble light fixtures, in-wall rough, overhead supports and boxes, home run wire spooling, and transformer pre-assembly. With new projects coming up, we will be assembling underground duct banks and slab rough-in materials.

Preconstruction and Design-Build Technology

Brandt optimizes electrical construction services through comprehensive engineering and constructability reviews. Engineers comprise most of our company, making your electrical construction experience unique, and catered to your specific needs. Our commitment to design-build and design-assist excellence ensures value addition and budget certainty. The seamless coordination between Brandt’s service and engineering divisions enhances their ability to handle maintenance or unforeseen issues promptly and effectively.

Safety Focus for Construction Sites

Brandt is committed to safety and efficiency for electrical issues on construction sites. With the right safety measures in place, we create a smooth construction process that’s safe for project managers and employees. We have also developed a Safety Committee that represents all departments to work on safety concerns and develop real-world corrections for safety issues in the field.

Licensed and Certified Industrial Electric Contractors

Brandt takes pride in its team of licensed experts in electrical construction. Professionals undergo continuous training, possess the highest industry certifications, and are committed to delivering construction services in line with the latest standards and practices, prioritizing safety and compliance. Some of Brandt’s specific training includes 8-hour Brandt-specific safety orientation classes and the OSHA 10-Hour training for new hires.

As a licensed contractor, we show our dedication to our employees by holding supervisor safety meetings to address positive safety behavior. We use safety meetings to ask supervisory personnel what they believe we can do to make the job site safer. Here, they review accidents and incidents for the current month and year-to-date.

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Construction-Related FAQ

How does Brandt handle industrial electric emergencies on construction sites?

Brandt understands the urgency in electrical construction services and has a dedicated team ready for swift emergency response. In the event of electrical issues on a construction site, clients can contact Brandt, ensuring a rapid resolution to minimize disruptions to ongoing construction projects.

What markets does Brandt serve?

From green field construction to renovations, Brandt serves industrial and commercial, vertical markets with MEP needs. Our staff of engineers are able to take on your next construction from inception to completion.

What construction-specific optimization strategies does Brandt employ?

Brandt’s approach to optimizing electrical construction services involves tailored MEP solutions, energy audits, and implementing innovative technologies. These strategies are designed to enhance operational efficiency and align with the specific goals of construction projects. Brandt has specific expertise in design-build and design-assist MEP solutions.

How does Brandt ensure safety and expertise in electrical construction services on the job site?

Brandt’s construction team comprises licensed experts with the highest industry certifications. Continuous training is a priority, ensuring construction services adhere to the latest standards and practices. Safety and compliance are integral to Brandt’s approach to electrical construction on job sites.

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