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Preconstruction Services


Project strategy is a key part in a successful construction plan. Because Brandt offers solutions at every stage of your building’s lifecycle, we understand how the design of your project can affect everything else—including your budget. We offer customized conceptual strategies, in-depth budget estimation, and project coordination to help you achieve more productive, energy-efficient operations.


Working in collaboration with the project team, Brandt ensures our clients receive a high-performance facility that maximizes a return on their investment.


Brandt typically provides engineering and constructability reviews on variety of projects with our professional in-house engineering and preconstruction staff. We also have extensive experience working with engineering and architectural firms on their mechanical, plumbing and electrical designs. Our collaborative approach has led to successful MEP projects throughout Texas and Oklahoma.

Design Build & Design Assist

Brandt’s commitment to MEP design build and design assist excellence is integrated into our process. By evaluating design alternatives in collaboration with our customers, we can weigh investment costs, calculate ongoing operating expenses and make expert recommendations that add value and optimize budgets and schedules. Our dedicated team of talented designers and engineers uses state-of-the-art techniques and technologies to ensure quality is never compromised during any stage of your building’s lifecycle.