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Great Work Environments Enhance the Employee Experience

Corporate Campus

A great Corporate Campus is about more than the building—it’s about attracting and retaining occupants. A clean, healthy, and environmentally friendly workspace is the key to employee productivity. Building systems must be quietly reliable, so workers can focus on the task at hand rather than on worrying about what happens “magically” behind the scenes.

Enhancing Sustainability

Did you know that office buildings consume more than 60% of all the electricity consumed in the U.S.? We have a complete portfolio of innovative building strategies to help you decrease energy usage and ensure occupant comfort and productivity. Our ongoing building maintenance services can help you keep your corporate operating expenses in check and your space utilization high.


We understand ASHRAE standards, local building codes, and Energy Star and LEED compliance issues for new and existing buildings. We know how to design energy efficiency right into the initial plan and how to retrofit older buildings with energy and cost savings. Brandt’s forward-looking solutions can help you build today with the future in mind.


Keep your profits and your tenants. We’ll show you how.

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