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Healthy Building Systems = Healthy Patients

Healthcare Facilities

We understand critical care, and we know it translates to every area of your healthcare facility—from the check-in desk to the ICU. Whether you’re expanding, renovating, or building a new healthcare facility, the efficiency and reliability of your building systems are critical to ensuring optimal patient care and a positive experience for physicians and patients alike. Brandt’s proven technical and engineering services can help you lower operating costs and increase energy efficiencies for your hospital or healthcare facility.

Our Track Record in Healthcare Facilities

Over the last decade, Brandt has performed more than $750 million in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work for some of Texas’s leading hospitals and healthcare facilities. Our expertise allows us to help you minimize or eradicate the need for downtime or interruptions to current patient services. Whether you are retrofitting an operating suite, expanding patient wings, or building an entirely new facility from the ground up, we can help. Let us assist in the design, pricing, and implementation of your newest project. Our licensed engineers and trained technicians have the experience and expertise to provide you with the facility that your patients and healthcare professionals demand.