Steam and Condensate Services

Brandt’s steam and condensate system solutions include various services to optimize our customers’ facilities. These offerings enhance our existing service business and continue to further Brandt’s growth within the construction industry. Steam trap surveys help your organization proactively identify and resolve failed steam traps to prevent damage to your system. 


There are two ways that steam traps can fail: open or closed. Open failure means the steam trap will leak steam, while a closed failure means condensate cannot escape. Both possibilities can lead to significant damage to the steam and condensate system and waste energy. Worst-case scenarios like water hammer, piping, and process equipment damage, increased steam consumption, and increased load on the boiler can result in skyrocketed repair costs. 


Brandt’s reliable and professional steam and condensate team can perform a steam trap survey, where we locate, identify, tag, test, and record all existing steam traps at your facility. During the facility survey, we install stainless-steel numbered tags next to the steam traps for future reference. When testing, we use an ultrasonic listening device and temperature gun to determine if your steam traps are performing correctly.  

Your steam trap survey report will be available within two weeks of completion. The results include a survey summary, a master list of all steam trap data, failed traps with recommended replacements, and a turnkey proposal to replace the failed steam traps. Additional notes will indicate prioritized recommendations to increase safety, increase equipment life and decrease maintenance. If desired, our team members can provide a presentation to management to advise them of our findings and recommend the best course of action for their facility.  


Brandt’s proactive steam and condensate system trap surveys can help keep your systems running at peak performance for longer. The benefits of conducting a steam trap survey include: 

Reduced Energy Costs

Whether you have minimum corporate sustainability goals or strive to minimize your facility’s environmental impact, steam trap surveys can help provide environmental savings for energy and water. Surveys can identify failed steam traps and save your organization time and money.  

Improve Safety Standards

If a steam trap fails, the safety of the steam system is compromised. Regular maintenance ensures your systems operate safely and efficiently to prevent worst-case scenarios and heightened repair costs that follow. 

Increase Efficiency and Production

Utilizing Brandt’s steam trap survey services can reduce facility downtime. Additionally, identifying failed steam traps and fixing them allows your facility to continue to perform at peak efficiency and production. 

“We perform a steam trap survey and replace the failed traps every other year to ensure our system is working properly. Over the years, our failed steam trap percentage has dropped, our steam system is more reliable and safer, and we are able to handle the cold weather without any issues.”  – Facilities Management Representative, Dallas Area University.


Our dedicated steam and condensate team provides services beyond steam trap surveys to help our customers recognize issues within their system. 

Additional offerings include: 

  • Steam system assessment 
  • System troubleshooting 
  • Load calculations 
  • Equipment upgrades 

Visit our website or call to learn more about our steam and condensate services at 1-833-BRANDT1.