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Mechanical Services

Meet Texas’ authority on commercial mechanical services.

Work With Highly Trained HVAC Mechanical Service Professionals

Our commitment to excellence begins with our highly trained HVAC mechanical service professionals. Our team’s expertise means you receive not only efficient service but also improved safety and reliability of your mechanical systems. Our depth of knowledge and rigorous training procedures set us apart, assuring you of top-notch service delivered with precision and expertise. We help with a wide range of HVAC needs, including:

  • All Commercial Chillers (Both Water and Air-Cooled)
  • Cooling Towers and All Pumps Associated With Condenser Water
  • DX Systems
  • All Unitary Equipment From Three-Ton Rooftop Units (RTUs)
  • Computer Room and Data Center Cooling Systems
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)
  • Air Distribution and Vane Axial Fans, Including VAV and Fan-Powered Boxes
  • DDC and Pneumatic Controls

Leverage 70+ Years of Experience

Benefit from the accumulated wisdom garnered through 70+ years of mechanical excellence. Brandt’s extensive industry experience serves as a testament to our proficiency and ability to deliver tailored, high-quality solutions. We draw from this rich history to provide unparalleled service that aligns with specific industry standards and individual client needs.

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Get the Services You Need Today

Rely on Brandt’s expertise to promptly address your urgent mechanical needs. Contact us today, and let our team swiftly resolve any mechanical emergencies, minimizing operational interruptions and helping with your peace of mind.

Get Emergency Commercial Mechanical Services 24/7

Your business can’t afford extended downtimes. That’s why Brandt offers around-the-clock emergency commercial mechanical services. Our team is well-equipped to handle unexpected breakdowns and urgent MEP needs. We prioritize rapid responses and effective solutions to swiftly mitigate disruptions and aid in the seamless operation of your mechanical systems, anytime, day or night.

Brandt is focused on your overall building performance, because we understand the impact and interaction of how complex building systems work together.

Mechanical Services for Any Industry

Our expansive array of mechanical services caters to a wide spectrum of industries. From corporate campuses to educational institutions, government facilities, healthcare providers, hospitality venues, specialized labs, mission-critical environments, public assembly spaces, food & beverage industries, industrial manufacturing, and biopharmaceutical facilities—our tailored solutions meet the unique demands of each sector. Wondering if we serve your market? Here’s a list:

Sports / Entertainment / Public Assembly

Take Advantage of the Benefits of a Service Agreement

Consider securing a Service Agreement with Brandt for consistent, uninterrupted support for your mechanical systems. Clients enrolled in our Service Agreements benefit from 24-hour emergency service, speedy response times, comprehensive service history records, convenient digital invoicing schedules, and the assurance of a dedicated account representative, streamlining your maintenance process and safeguarding your equipment’s longevity.

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