Brandt worked directly with the owner and their client to design and install two stand-alone rooftop units, with 43” high roof curbs with HEPA filters. Brandt was responsible for the roof work, ceiling file/grid removal and re-installation, hoisting, insulation, test and balance, and start-up and commissioning. Brandt was also responsible for the structural reinforcement and work with Ellison Gage & Associates to provide structural reinforcement drawings for each rooftop unit, that was then subbed out to perform the work. Each unit was stand-alone, so Brandt’s electrical team installed the control wiring to a local thermostat inside each room.

Brandt strategically planned to complete everything below the roof deck and be 100% roughed-in-done by the time the units arrived. Once they arrived, Brandt had utilized a helicopter for lifting and installing the units onto the roof. Our team made the final tie ins to each unit. Since this was a working, fully operational, processing facility, our employees had to wear specific coverings to go into the facility where they were working and installing the units. The helicopter pick was crucial because Brandt had to provide enough clearance for the helicopter land. This involved collaborating with the owner to ensure the parking lot was free of cars and trucks. As the units were flown over the building, everyone inside had to clear to a safe point within the warehouse. The units were installed close to the next-door tenants, so they cleared to a safe spot during the helicopter pick, as well.


Owner: Swiss American
Engineer: Brandt and Ellison Gage & Associates


Start / Completion Dates: 8/2019 – 9/2019
Brandt Role: MEP Design-Build Services