Stone Oak Methodist Hospital

Stone Oak Methodist Hospital

The Stone Oak Methodist Hospital was coined the ‘hospital of the future’ during initial construction in 2009. Designed to evolve with the community’s needs, the hospital is undergoing its third phase of planned expansions.

From the start of the project, Brandt offered design improvements and suggested ways to save money without sacrificing quality or technology. Prefabrication is one way we offer a cost savings to our clients.

Prefabrication is not a new concept. However, thanks to increased Building Information Model (BIM) proficiency and the growth of green construction, this practice has become a critical trend in our industry. Prefabrication is responsible for improved project schedules, reduced costs and budgets, increased site safety, and limited site waste.

“We like to prefabricate what we can, because there is less exposure to the elements in the shop compared to the job site,” Bill Forehand, General Superintendent, said. “These factors enable us to stay on schedule and save money.”

In the shop’s controlled environment, our San Antonio team prefabricated approximately 7,000 hangers for the hospital’s plumbing and mechanical systems. Our team’s improved productivity and efficiency resulted in a huge savings.

“I think it was a good move,” Bill said. “They got it all done for one-third of the budget. The team did a great job.”


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