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HVAC System

The Importance of HVAC System Maintenance

A well-functioning HVAC system is crucial to the comfort of your workplace. That is why Brandt has created robust solutions based on experience and innovation that ensure the success of these systems, earning us a reputation for care and precision. Are You Taking Care of Your

Why MEP Renovations Matter

When’s the last time you made a meaningful update for your facility? Things might be functioning as needed for right now, but if your energy system isn’t properly maintained or renovated, things can quickly become outdated.  We Make Energy Efficient Renovations Simple If you’re not taking the

Methodist Hospital Stone Oak

(SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS) –The Methodist Hospital Stone Oak was coined the ‘hospital of the future’ during initial construction in 2009. Designed to evolve with the community’s needs, this hospital is a 300,000 square-foot (SF) facility with 132 beds and allows for expansion to 350 beds. It