Steam Trap Survey Improves Heating System Efficiency for Winter

(DALLAS, TEXAS) – Brandt’s reliable and professional steam and condensate team can perform a steam trap survey, where we locate, identify, tag, test, and record all existing steam traps at your facility. In anticipation of the winter weather, a Dallas area manufacturer requested we provide a survey to ensure their system was in prime condition.


Brandt tested 260 traps onsite within three days, identifying that only 63% worked efficiently. This facility had not performed a survey in years, resulting in 7% of steam traps failing open, and wasting steam, and 8% failing close, and not removing condensate. These failures cost the organization over $58,000 annually in energy loss. The remaining traps were not in use, not accessible, or disconnected.

In addition to these findings, we identified an open steam bypass valve continuously blowing steam out of a vent pipe. This issue had been ongoing for several months and produced visible steam blowing out where staff entered the facility.


After analyzing the survey results with the customer, they decided to standardize the replacement steam traps. This included upgrading universal connectors with thermodynamic steam traps for medium and high-pressure drip traps and float and thermostatic steam traps for low-pressure drip traps.

Furthermore, for the action traps, Brandt recommended:

  • Replacing all failed open and closed steam traps.
  • Adding a vacuum breaker and air vent to three heat exchangers allows efficient condensation drainage.
  • Fixed leaks, allowing two steam trap stations to begin service again.
  • Upsizing a heat exchanger steam trap to allow for condensate return.


Routine steam trap surveys can help your organization reduce energy costs, improve safety standards, and increase efficiency and production. Visit our website or call to learn more about how our steam and condensate services can benefit your company at 1-833-BRANDT1.