Rockwall County Jail

Rockwall, TX


The Rockwall County Jail project aims to revolutionize correctional facility design with a focus on maximizing inmate safety. Over the past four years, in-depth studies provided a plan for occupants to be housed in a controlled, safe, and humane environment. In November 2019, Adolfson & Peterson hired Brandt to complete the new building’s extensive mechanical, electrical, and plumbing installations. Upon completion in Summer 2022, this 83,000 square foot facility will house administrative offices, a larger kitchen, a medical and mental health ward, and inmate housing units. Rockwall County Jail’s capacity will more than double with the addition of 248 beds in this building.

From the beginning of this project, Brandt focused on prefabrication. Our Carrollton fabrication shop manufactured Rockwall’s plumbing and piping equipment. Furthermore, coordination with the electrical fabrication shop guaranteed the on-time delivery and ease of install for all components. Brandt’s in-house fabrication capabilities enabled our Field team to place utilities before the prefabricated housing cells arrived on-site.

This job, like any other, comes with its fair share of obstacles. Full height concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls posed an opportunity for us to showcase our pre-planning capabilities, ensuring wall penetrations and in-wall plumbing and electric were installed correctly. Security ceilings required coordination and internal collaboration between BIM and the field.

After this building is complete and occupied, Brandt will renovate the north housing unit of the original Rockwall County Jail. Brandt will install new rooftop units, lighting fixtures, security showers, and plumbing utilities.


  • Owner: Rockwall County
  • Architect: DLR Group
  • Contractor: Adolfson & Peterson


  • Start/Completion Dates: 11/2019 – 06/2022
  • Project Size: 83,000 SF
  • Brandt Role: Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Services