Rockwall County Detention Center - Exterior

Rockwall County Jail

Rockwall County Jail - Cells(ROCKWALL, TEXAS) – Adolfson & Peterson (AP) hired Brandt in November 2019 to design-build the extensive mechanical, electrical, and plumbing installations for Rockwall County Detention Center’s newest facility. Completed in the fall of 2022, this 83,000-squarefoot facility houses administrative offices, a larger kitchen, a medical and mental health ward, and inmate housing units. Furthermore, the addition of 204 beds more than doubled its capacity.


This project marked a turning point in correctional facility improvements. In-depth studies leading up to construction ensured compliance with modern-day corrections and law enforcement principles. The extensive research resulted in maximizing community safety in a controlled, safe, and humane environment. Featured unique design elements include:

Rockwall County Jail - Utilities

  • Increased natural lighting
  • Open recreational yards
  • Classrooms designed for vocational and GED studies for inmates
  • Expanded remote visitation capability
  • Increased access to behavioral health therapy


Full-height concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls posed a unique opportunity for Brandt to showcase our pre-planning capabilities by ensuring proper installation of wall penetrations, in-wall plumbing, and electricity. Security ceilings required coordination and internal collaboration between BIM and the field. Most of the bed space added to the facility, both in the dormitories and medical hold areas, were prefabricated cells. These cells came complete with the detention furnishings, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, and sprinkler systems roughed in. This allowed our team to easily connect the associated water, waste, and ductwork, saving installation time. Early coordination efforts were vital in navigating this unique installation, which allowed us to hit our below-grade connections, leave the overhead, and chase utilities close enough to connect, but far enough apart to set the cells in place.


Inmate and staff safety and well-being were the utmost priority for Brandt when considering our installations. All plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), and electrical fixtures in inmate-accessible areas are detention-rated and anti-ligature. We sealed any opening large enough to conceal a weapon with pick-proof security sealant.

In compliance with the Texas Commission on Jail Standards (TCJS), in case the staff is required to use pepper spray or gas to control a situation or an inmate starts a fire, Brandt installed a smoke evacuation system to clear the gas and smoke from the area.


Using our in-house safety programs, we accomplished 2 years and 3 months without a recordable incident, working 80,000 employee hours across our electrical and mechanical teams.

In 2022, Brandt received a letter of recommendation from Dennis Bailey, Rockwall County Commissioner, for our design-build services and installation on this facility. In 2023, Brandt received a TEXO Distinguished Building Award and an Associated General Contractors Texas Building Branch Award for our involvement in this project.

Rockwall County Jail - Roof


  • Owner: Rockwall County
  • Architect: DLR Group
  • Contractor: Adolfson & Peterson


  • Start/Completion Dates: 11/2019 – 11/2022
  • Project Size: 83,000 SF
  • Brandt Role: Design-Build Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Services