Farmer Brothers Company manufacturing

Farmer Brothers Company Headquarters

(NORTH LAKE, TEXAS) – Brandt completed work at the new Farmer Brothers Company headquarters. The renowned coffee distributor relocated their headquarters and manufacturing facilities from Oregon, California, and Houston, Texas to a brand new 538,000 square-foot facility in Northlake, Texas. The new facility included administrative offices and a manufacturing area where coffee beans are roasted, packaged, and distributed.Breakroom


The Haskell Company hired Brandt’s team to install the manufacturing equipment. This project one of Brandt’s first mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) industrial projects and was our first industrial equipment-setting project of this magnitude.

Brandt has a long history with standard HVAC and plumbing projects. However, we installed the equipment, hoppers, and conveyor systems that take the coffee from a raw bean all the way through to the packaged finished product during phase one.


BreakroomAfter our successful completion of phase one, Haskell hired us to complete phase two in 2018. During this phase, our team installed the compressed air and nitrogen piping systems and demolished and upgraded the urn and 5 pound (lb.) packaging lines.

Additionally, we installed and assembled the chutes, transitions, tubular-chain conveyor systems, and supports that move the coffee throughout the production line. Brandt installed the following processing equipment, including supports:

  • 2 cells of tempering bins – each cell with 6 x 6,000 lb. bins
  • 2 BAR mixers
  • Super sack bag filler
  • Degassing/surge bins at fractional line (6 x 5000 lb. bins)
  • Degassing/surge bins at 5 lb. line (6 x 5000 lb. bins)
  • Degassing/surge bins at urn line (4 x 5000 lb. bins)
  • Degassing/surge bins at retail line (4 x 5000 lb. bins)
  • Assembly and installation of the 4 packaging lines – fractional, 5 lb., urn, and retail


Owner: Farmer Brothers Company
Contractor: The Haskell Company


Completion Dates: Phase One – 2017; Phase Two – 2018
Brandt Role: Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Services