Why You Need to Regularly Inspect Your Emergency Lights

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Why You Need to Regularly Inspect Your Emergency Lights

Routine maintenance is one of the best ways that you can protect your building’s most valuable investments—emergency LED lighting fixtures.

The Importance of Emergency Lighting Testing

Setting up periodic checkups with an experienced mechanical professional is a surefire way to create a sustainable building environment. Regular inspections are essential for extending the lifetime of your light fixtures.

When you get your emergency lights professionally inspected, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

Increased Safety and Better Health:

When it comes to workplace safety, one of the most important things you can do is perform emergency lighting maintenance. Here’s why:

Power outages are more than just a disruption; they are critical hazards. When the power goes out during business hours, expect your indoor environment to get dangerously dark. This is especially concerning if you work in a commercial or industrial setting. If your building doesn’t have the necessary light, then the risk for injury dramatically increases.

Power outages are commonly linked to natural disasters like earthquakes, storms, and much more. Some disruptions are dangerous enough to cause fires. If that’s the case, then you’ll need to evacuate to a safe zone. This can be done quickly when your emergency lights and exit signs are in proper working condition. Emergency light fixtures provide 90 minutes of illumination so you can safely navigate and exit the building.

Improved Battery Life:

Today, most commercial lighting fixtures are built with LED equipment. This even includes emergency-light systems. Even though these fixtures are engineered to last a long time, they still come with a limited lifespan. Over time, LED emergency lights will self-discharge, meaning that they will lose power.

By scheduling periodic inspections for your emergency light fixtures, your batteries will receive a supercharge. This increases the lifespans of your batteries, thus reducing how soon you’ll have to replace your lighting systems.

Fewer Liability Issues:

An insufficient emergency lighting fixture can cause many issues. If the lighting system’s battery life burns out before the full 90-minutes are up, then you or your building owner can be in some serious trouble. Let’s say the proper lighting wasn’t present when an accident occurred. If a tenant suffers an injury, then you can expect a substantial claim to be filed against the building’s insurers.

Keeping emergency light systems well-maintained helps to avoid liability disputes. If you’re able to ensure that your light fixtures can hold a battery charge for the 90-minute time frame, then you’ll be able to prevent liability headaches.

Better Fixture Performances:

If you aren’t testing your emergency lights often, then expect their performance to suffer. When your light fixtures are poorly maintained, then their battery life will shrink, brightness will diminish, and the fixtures will operate at an insufficient level. Without proper maintenance, your lighting systems can damage very easily.

To boost the performance of your emergency lights, you’ll need to test the bulbs, fixtures, and batteries on a frequent basis. If the equipment is not operating smoothly, then simple maintenance routines will need to be followed. This helps to ensure that there will always be a sufficient amount of light during emergency situations.

Greater Longevity for Your Equipment:

As battery life starts to diminish, so will the lighting fixtures themselves. Over time, the circuits will begin to overheat, which means that you’ll have an unreliable source of light on hand. Inspecting your emergency lighting equipment not only improves battery life, but it also preserves the entire fixture itself. This ensures that you are able to get the most out of the system for extended lengths of time.

So instead of preparing for an expensive repair or replacement, make sure you have a professional tune up the system on a frequent basis.

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