What to Expect From MEP Design Consultants

What to Expect From MEP Design Consultants

Whether you’re constructing a new business or maintaining your existing building, energy savings start with MEP consulting engineers. Building systems should adapt and grow, just like your business. And it all begins with an MEP design consultant.

The Importance of MEP Consulting Engineers

MEP stands for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. MEP consulting engineers play a crucial role in commercial construction or renovation projects, handling all aspects of the building process from HVAC system solutions to lighting retrofits.

MEP consulting engineers use their expertise to design and construct cost-effective, safe commercial buildings. By working closely with building owners and architects from pre-design to maintenance once the project is complete, engineering consultants strive to minimize the building’s operating costs, reduce downtime, and analyze energy consumption for existing buildings to determine ways to make them more energy efficient.

It’s essential to consider consulting with an MEP engineer on your next building project to optimally plan and design your commercial building. From designing HVAC systems to reducing project risks, engineering consultants take care of everything.

The Benefits of Hiring an MEP Design Consultant

Whether you’re interested in a new building or renovating your existing one, MEP design consultants are a significant resource for a successful project.

Benefits of consulting with an MEP consulting engineer include:

Impact on Your Bottom Line

MEP design consultants help building owners maximize their energy efficiency and building performance. From heating and cooling to lighting and plumbing, an MEP design consultant determines best practice solutions that help improve your business’s bottom line.

Energy-Efficient Designs

MEP consulting engineers are familiar with a wide range of commercial building challenges. Experienced engineering consultants develop customized solutions to improve an existing building’s energy efficiency and create innovative solutions for new building systems. As energy consumption professionals, MEP engineers make educated predictions about future energy usage, optimizing designs to maximize consumption.

Minimize Project Risk

Reducing risk is crucial for a successful building project. Planning construction and building renovations involves designing and implementing several complicated systems. MEP consulting engineers ensure that all aspects of the project are incorporated into the construction of the building, resulting in fewer delays and accurate code compliance.

The Role of an HVAC Design Consultant

An HVAC design consultant is responsible for designing and implementing optimum HVAC systems for commercial buildings or residential homes. HVAC design consultants have a wide range of specialties, including:

  • Manual J Heat Load Calculations
  • Manual S System Sizing Calculations
  • Manual D Duct System Designs

Once an HVAC system is designed, the HVAC service technician installs the system for the building. After the new system is installed, it’s all about maintenance. HVAC professionals strive to extend the life of your equipment by proactively managing the building system, enhancing performance, minimizing downtime, and reducing operating costs.

Brandt’s MEP Consulting Processes and Techniques

Brandt’s dedicated team of talented MEP design consultants uses state-of-the-art techniques and technologies to create sustainable designs, ensuring quality is never compromised during any stage of your building’s life cycle.

Brandt makes excellence a habit. MEP design and implementation is a core component of our longstanding track record of design/build success. When you hire Brandt, you become part of our six-decade history of working hard to meet your expectations.

MEP Consulting Engineers Specializing in Energy Efficiency

Brandt’s MEP consulting services result in a wide range of energy-efficient benefits, giving your building a reliable system and reducing operational costs:

  • Improved Occupant Comfort
    • It’s common for MEP design consultants to find ways to improve air control systems, which results in higher indoor air quality and alleviates any concerns your employees may have.
  • Improved Building Operations
    • MEP consulting reduces maintenance calls, which lowers your maintenance costs and affects your ROI.
  • Reduced Operating Costs and Decreased Energy Consumption
    • The shelf life of equipment is extended.
    • Failed or malfunctioning equipment is replaced.
    • Solutions for systematic building operation issues are created.
    • Excessive equipment run times due to changes in occupancy or space usage are eliminated.
    • Control sequences are optimized.

Brandt—Your Innovative MEP Design Consultants

Brandt’s team of professional MEP design consultants offer solutions for a wide range of buildings, such as healthcare facilities, government agencies, laboratories and clean rooms, and places of worship.

Our commercial building services are the foundation of Brandt. From designing and maintaining HVAC systems to creating custom design-build solutions, we’re committed to MEP design-build excellence that’s integrated into our building process. By evaluating design alternatives in collaboration with our customers, we can weigh investment costs, calculate ongoing operating expenses, and make expert recommendations that add value and optimize budgets and schedules.