Explaining MEP Coordination Services

There are a lot of factors that come into play when you’re constructing a new commercial building. Whether you’re operating at a large or small scale or renovating your existing building, ensuring energy efficiency and quality system synergy is easy with MEP coordination services. The Role

What to Expect From MEP Design Consultants

Whether you’re constructing a new business or maintaining your existing building, energy savings start with MEP consulting engineers. Building systems should adapt and grow, just like your business. And it all begins with an MEP design consultant. The Importance of MEP Consulting Engineers MEP stands for mechanical,

What Makes a ‘Healthy’ Building?

Keeping your employees safe is always a high priority for your company. But what steps do you need to take to make sure your building is safe? What separates a facility that’s ahead of the curve from one that’s lagging behind?  Why Does Building Ventilation Matter

Proactive Maintenance For Your Electricity Makes All the Difference

Are you taking the time to make sure your facility is operating at the highest level? If it’s been a while since you had commercial electric maintenance performed at your facility, you might be in trouble sooner rather than later. Sticking to an ironclad electrical

5 Signs It’s Time to Update an Electrical System

Industrial growth and increased energy demands often go hand in hand. Businesses may come to rely on heavy machinery or large-scale computer systems to handle their consumer needs. While technology advances, the buildings used to house the new technology may be left behind. Older buildings

Benefits of Selecting Brandt as your Mechanical Service Provider

The health of your mechanical systems directly impacts the profitability and productivity of your building. If your HVAC and building systems are running inefficiently, your organization is losing money that could be allocated to more important business endeavors. At Brandt, we hold ourselves to a standard unmatched by

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

The old adage, “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it,” is a great phrase to live by until something goes wrong.  For building owners and facility managers, this way of thinking can be a costly concept to hold dear. They say the most expensive pipe to