What are Commissioning Services?

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What are Commissioning Services?

How confident are you in the processes you use for your building development? From safety standards to maintaining compliance, there’s no margin for error—when it comes to opening your facility, everything needs to be at the right level. For quality project management from start to finish, building commissioning services from Brandt is exactly what you’re looking for. 

Why You Need Building Commissioning Services

Every building project relies on the meticulous management of several moving parts. Each part of the process relies on myriad little details falling exactly into place; one item missed can result in copious downtime, sky-high building costs, and safety issues for the construction team and the ultimate occupants of the building. That’s why you need a highly experienced, qualified team on your side throughout the entire project. To maximize the lifecycle of your building systems, it’s crucial that you work with a contractor that understands what it takes to drive your processes to the next level. Collaborating with a provider that boasts not only a building commissioning certification but the experience necessary to deliver results that satisfy all of your project requirements can make or break the success of your building. That’s why Brandt is the perfect choice for your next project. 


Certified Commissioning You Can Count On

What’s the easiest way to increase energy efficiency, upgrade performance, and save costs for your new facility? With Brandt’s end-to-end commissioning services, you won’t have to waste time worrying about the quality of your operations or maintenance issues cropping up at the last minute. 

Our Process

There’s no step too small as far as our team is concerned. From installation and testing to maintaining eligibility requirements, the building commissioning process encompasses a broad swath of processes that combine to determine the quality of your design and construction project. That’s why our solutions cover more than just the average contracting company typically does—we want to give our clients the best chance of success from the moment they set foot in their new space. Our commissioning services can be broken down into several phases, including:

  • Pre-commissioning review: Each project must comply with several codes and industry-wide compliance standards. Our review process involves the diligent analysis of all relevant documentation to align the design and construction with all specific codes.
  • Building automation system review: If automation is the future, you can’t afford to be stuck in the past. Automation equipment is integral to the performance of your facility—whether you incorporate it into your HVAC system, your assembly line, or anywhere in-between, our team takes care of all aspects of your control system to maximize efficiency.  
  • Construction support: When you work with Brandt, you never have to go it alone. Our team performs jobsite observations, maintains an issues log, and shepherds your process so that each step is compliant with NEBB standards.
  • Field installation: The final installation of all pertinent equipment is essential to hitting the ground running in your new facility. Our field installation services make sure everything is in working order before the ribbon is cut. 
  • Functional performance testing (FPT) and Operational performance testing (OPT) : Every aspect of your system has to be in working order and up to design specifications. Our comprehensive testing ensures that your equipment is in good working order from the get-go. 


We want to make your move as stress-free as possible. That starts with checking all of the boxes that need to be checked so that all you have to do is focus on doing what you do best. If you want to make your building project easier than ever before, Brandt is here to help.

Quality Service the Whole Way

From retrofitting existing buildings to coordinating the design and development, no one provides more comprehensive contracting services than Brandt. With decades of experience delivering quality service to countless buildings across several industries, we’re uniquely equipped to guide your entire project so that everything moves forward swiftly and on-budget. For more information on how our team can deliver the results you’re looking for on your next construction project, reach out to Brandt today for high-quality commissioning services.