Waco Convention Center


Established in 1972, Chisholm Hall is the largest venue operated by the City of Waco. Accommodating conventions from 50 to 2,000 attendees, this facility is a prime destination for high-volume events around the state. With many years of steady traffic inside the facility, it was time to upgrade.


Phasing and scheduled maintenance were comprehensively executed as the facility remained partially open to the public, while our team worked quickly to turn over the project within six months. Brandt was chosen as the prime contractor for this project and took on elaborate retrofit HVAC and controls installations to the 144,000-square-foot facility.


With COVID restrictions considered, our team was unsure when rules and regulations would allow the project to move forward. Upon receiving the green light in July 2020, our crew began the project’s first phase with strategic demolition to accommodate the new installations tying into the existing systems.

Despite Brandt’s efforts to get the new air handling units into production as soon as possible, slight changes regarding field conditions left the team in a predicament. Any changes to dimensions or orientation of the units already in the queue would have set them back weeks. To reconcile this, our sheet metal team completely dismantled the largest units in our staging area to avoid manufacturer delays when factory lead times were stacking up. They rebuilt them in a 2nd floor mezzanine in record time to avoid costly setbacks and structural modifications that would have been required.

When it was time to install ten rooftop condensers on the roof, all hands were on deck with the assistance of 5-State Helicopters. Brandt crews showed agility and dedication during the 5 a.m. process of staging all the units smoothly.


As the project concluded, the owner and engineer complimented the team on the large custom duct transitions connecting to the existing duct system. They admired Brandt’s craftsmanship and were genuinely impressed with the result.


Owner: City of Waco

Contractor: Brandt


Start/Completion Dates: 06/2020 – 02/2021

Project Size: 144,000 SF

Brandt Role: Mechanical Services