Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)

Virtual Design and Construction

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)

If you’re looking for precise, reliable results without causing disruption for your building design, you need high-quality virtual design and construction (VDC) services from Brandt. As a premier virtual design and construction company specializing in both VDC and BIM solutions, our team is capable of helping you fully realize your vision efficiently, effectively, and safely with cutting-edge technology.  

Defining VDC

You might have heard of BIM (building information modeling) and CAD (computer-aided design) and determined that they both sound a whole lot like VDC. So—what really is the difference between them? The misconceptions often start with the “virtual” part of VDC. Since it’s not actually a digital software platform, but rather a methodology that incorporates multiple integrated modeling, it can tend to confuse people right from the jump. VDC encompasses the entire strategizing portion of a given construction project and can occasionally include building modeling, but it’s not always part of the process. Whereas BIM and CAD are more specific and can be tied to one unique part of any given project, VDC covers a more broad spectrum of steps, mostly involving collaboration and integrated working. Typically, VDC includes:

  • Engineering modeling, including product, organization, and process
  • Analysis methods
  • Business analytics
  • Economic impact
  • Visualization methods and scheduling 
  • Site logistics


3D modeling is a crucial part of nailing down the design of your building before construction commences. But there’s also so much more that needs to be accounted for. VDC takes the best of what both BIM and CAD have to offer while still filling in all of the blanks along the way. 


Simplify Your Working Processes With VDC

You can’t afford to have your project team stray from your specific performance objectives. Take the time to get things right the first time, and incorporate VDC solutions from BIM to keep your projects on schedule and your team members accountable every step of the way. 

What are the Benefits of Model-Based Technology? 

There are so many unique factors that go into every project and so many little steps that you can easily trip up. Are you taking the time to align your processes with your vision? Building modeling is an invaluable resource for teams looking to add predictability and efficiency to their next project. There are several ways in which building modeling can help streamline your process, including:

  • Simple communication and collaboration
  • Accurate cost estimation
  • End-to-end project visualization
  • Accident and risk mitigation
  • Improved scheduling
  • Enhanced productivity


If you want to make sure that your project is completed on-time, on-budget, and with minimal hassle throughout the entire process, there’s no more effective way to do so than incorporating model-based technology into your repertoire. At Brandt, we take the time to understand your project on a nuanced level, evaluating every nook and cranny, potential roadblock, and budgetary sticking point so that we have the clearest picture possible of what you’re trying to achieve. For quality service every single step of the way, our team is there for you. 

It’s Time to Work Smarter

Don’t let avoidable problems derail your project. If you start your construction process with a detailed blueprint of not only what you’re designing but how you’re going to design it, it helps everything fall right into place. That’s where Brandt excels; we know how tricky it can be to get going in the right direction. There are always going to be snags that you hit, delays that slow construction to a half—but wouldn’t it be helpful if you worked with a team that specialized in helping you work smarter to maneuver around those pitfalls, rather than rev the engine twice as hard to get you out of a rut? It’s time to simplify the way you operate. It’s time to work with a contractor that understands exactly what it is you need to complete your project on-time. It’s time to begin your collaboration with Brandt. 


For more information on how Brandt can leverage our technology solutions to improve the functionality of your building, reach out today and schedule your initial consultation. From the first meeting all the way through to the final audit, you can rest easy knowing that we’re right there by your side. For peace of mind on every construction project, choose Brandt.