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UV Lighting Applications For HVAC

How Germicidal UVC Technology Can Help Your Facility

Organizations worldwide are trying to find the best solution for eliminating the spread of COVID-19 in their facilities. Many businesses are adopting UV light applications in the wake of the pandemic. With an increased focus on working environments and indoor air quality, your team’s health and safety are more important than ever right now. Are you looking to take steps to make sure your environment isn’t just welcoming but actively creating a healthier environment? UV Lighting might be a solution for your building. Brandt is here to help you to determine the best solution for your facility’s air quality, especially in industries like:


How UV Lighting Can Help With Air Sterilization

Since the pandemic dominated the news, the same points of emphasis have been repeated over, and over, and over again: wear masks, socially distance, sanitize surfaces, wash your hands thoroughly, and reduce indoor capacity. COVID-19 spreads very easily in indoor environments, and indoor air quality plays a vital role in creating a healthier environment. Many companies are researching UV light applications– it can be used to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses transmitted through the air. Ultraviolet Energy (UV-C) inactivates viral, bacterial, and fungal organisms leaving them unable to replicate and spread among building occupants.

Types of disinfection systems using UV-C energy:


How Brandt Can Help

Effective air filtration is essential in creating a healthier environment, and Brandt is here to recommend the most efficient system for your facility. For more information on how Brandt’s team of experts can help you work more safely than ever before, reach out to us today at info@brandt.us