The St. Anthony Hotel

(SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS) – The St. Anthony Hotel was built in four phases of construction from the 1910s through the 1940s. In 2012, Zachary Construction hired Brandt to perform the design-build mechanical and plumbing services to help revitalize this hotel for the modern world without compromising its historical origins.

The changes in technology between phases, combined with age and historically significant architecture that we could not alter, created a one-of-a-kind project setting. Our new, modern heating, ventilation and air conditioning system came to life through a mix of innovative design, robust personnel management, flexible on-site scheduling, and our powerful in-house commissioning processes. Between plumbing, piping, sheet metal and commissioning, Brandt invested 135,412 total employee hours in the St. Anthony Hotel.


To keep the facility fully operational and reduce the impact on its operations, Brandt implemented a phased schedule. The hotel’s ballroom schedule required continual organization and planning. And the building itself—its history and usage—created a unique set of circumstances.

To effectively manage all the moving parts implemented during the St. Anthony Hotel project, costs were tracked at every design phase. Oversight and clear communication between the construction and design teams helped keep us on track and under budget. Cooperation and adaptive management practices between the construction team and Brandt’s in-house engineers were vital to the creation of workable solutions.

Brandt received a letter of recommendation from Clyde Johnson, Founder and Chief Investment Officer at the St. Anthony Hotel.


Owner: Lynd Services
Architect: Overland Partners
Contractor: Zachary Construction


Project Size: 272,000 SF
Start/Completion Dates: July 2012 – November 2014
Brandt Role: Design-Build Mechanical and Plumbing Services