The Importance of Renovation for Education Facilities

A team of construction workers collaborating on a project.

The Importance of Renovation for Education Facilities

It’s Time to Make Your Long-Awaited School Renovation a Reality

We’ve all been in buildings like it before—maybe their roof is in desperate need of maintenance; perhaps their HVAC is malfunctioning. Whatever the problem is, there are few places where issues like that can cause more harm to the health and safety of others than in a school. Yes, major renovations take time. And yes, major renovations cost money (and if you’re in education, you know that the fight for a reasonable budget is often an uphill one). But what’s worth more than the safety of your students? 


At Brandt, we want to take your existing building and turn it into a place where you’re happy to spend your time. No more creaky equipment with an unclear expiration date; no more relying on outdated systems to ensure the health of your students and faculty. It’s time to take charge of the state of your educational facility. 


In this blog, we’ll talk about all the reasons to renovate a school and why you can’t afford to put off your school renovation project anymore.     

Why You Need to Renovate Your Space

Finding time in your calendar to plan for a massive renovation to take place can be tricky. Fortunately, most schools have a solid window during summer break to complete time-intensive projects. But even if you find that you’re on a tight schedule, it’s essential that you take the time required to get your building in top shape. 

There are several benefits to updating your space, including:

Increasing Energy Efficiency

Who doesn’t want to decrease their monthly utility bill? If you find that you’re paying an inordinate amount for your HVAC, lighting, or any other service you heavily rely on, it’s time to work with a provider that knows how to save you some money. Brandt customizes our service offering based on in-depth audits and extensive analyses that we conduct—that way, you can be sure that you’re receiving solutions that make sense for your budget and space. 

If you want to improve efficiency for your facility, it’s time to work with a contractor that is focused on delivering more modern solutions and can help you remove outdated equipment and systems. 

Accommodate Different Disciplines

If you’re in education, you already know how much of an uphill battle it can be to keep the arts as part of the core curriculum you provide for your students. If you have the facility to accommodate different disciplines, why not go for it? Creating spaces that reflect the interests and passions of your student body is essential and helps to foster a more diverse learning environment that everyone can enjoy. 

Improve Your Faculty’s Working Environment

The national teacher turnover rate is alarmingly high. Wouldn’t it be nice to create a space that your staff is proud (and enthusiastic) to come in to every day? If you’ve been putting off renovations for years on end, there’s a greater chance that your team is going to start looking for new opportunities to grow their career. 

Yes, it’s important to create an environment that your students are excited about and feel comfortable in, but too often we neglect the well-being of our teachers. If you want to make a tangible difference in the morale of your employees, it’s time that you prioritize your renovations. 

Keep Your Students Healthy

Last, but certainly not least, is the one thing that keeps every school functioning and moving forward: the students themselves. But forcing them to sit in an environment that’s unsafe, unsanitary, or just plain outdated is not the way to encourage them to do their very best. If you truly want to make your educational facility the top option for your students, completing all of the necessary renovations in a timely manner is absolutely crucial. Give them something they can be proud of, and create a space where curious minds can thrive. 

What Else Do We Do Besides Renovation?

The more services you have available, the easier it is to make your facility the best that it can be. At Brandt, we pride ourselves on providing a winning combination of contracting services, and each one is customized based on what you need to maximize efficiency and improve performance. 

Our services include:


Your needs are unique to your space. Isn’t it reasonable that you work with a provider that can actually deliver on everything you’re looking for? With our team of experts available throughout the lifecycle of your entire project, you’ll always be in the position to get the results you’re looking for. 

A Contractor You Can Trust

Don’t let avoidable issues become more than they need to be. The dedicated team at Brandt will be there for you every step of the way, helping your facility grow and become the space you’ve always dreamed of providing for your students.

For more information on how we can maximize the performance of your students, create a healthier workspace for your faculty, and overall make your school stand out from the rest in the area, reach out to Brandt today. Discover the difference the right contractor can make.