HCA Medical City McKinney

McKinney, TX

The Medical City McKinney Emergency Room (ER) & Patient Bed Tower expansion in North Texas is a testament to Brandt’s perseverance, agility, and industry-excellence. This project, totaling 100,000 square feet, consisted of a three-story patient bed tower, an ER expansion and renovation, and the main central energy plant (CEP) expansion and renovation. Despite this project’s suspension for three months due to the pandemic, our employees were able to assess equipment availability and re-sequenced the work in the central plant accordingly.

Prefabricated patient room and corridor racks, designed, built, and installed by Brandt, host the plumbing and mechanical systems and other trades. Immense coordination between trades ensured the seamless transition between design coordination into the three-month construction of these racks. Once completed, the swift on-site installation allowed the project to increase from 5% to 45% roughed in within less than two weeks.

Additional prefabrication included components for the utility bridge. This 300-foot-long bridge spans from the central utility plant (CUP) to the patient bed tower and includes all major systems that serve the building. The pipe for this bridge was assembled in sections on the ground, then flown into place by JE Dunn, the general contractor.

Tanner Tausch, Project Manager, recognized the agility of Brandt’s teams during this project. He indicated, “the most impactful challenge was the re-sequencing of work in the central plant. After the (job) suspension, we had to renovate the boiler room in the winter and the chiller room in the summer. As a result, we had to perform multiple pipe freezes, rework headers, and install taps with valves so we could bring temporary equipment out to serve the hospital while we did our work. This, in turn, allowed us to perform our work and then start-up and commission the equipment with minimal impact or downtime to the hospital.”

Completed in October 2021, the patient bed tower included 24 new patient rooms with clinical support and shell spaces to accommodate six additional beds. The ER expansion and renovation consisted of 10 exam rooms, three trauma rooms, one resuscitation suite, a CT scan machine, and general radiology and support spaces.


Owner: HCA

Architect: Devenney Group

Contractor: JE Dunn


Start/Completion Dates: 02/2020 – 10/2021

Project Size: 35,000 SF

Brandt Role: Mechanical & Plumbing Services