Explaining MEP Coordination Services

Explaining MEP Coordination Services

There are a lot of factors that come into play when you’re constructing a new commercial building. Whether you’re operating at a large or small scale or renovating your existing building, ensuring energy efficiency and quality system synergy is easy with MEP coordination services.

The Role of an MEP Coordinator

An MEP coordinator is responsible for identifying and solving potential architecture and structure clash detections for the construction and renovation of commercial buildings. MEP coordinators specialize in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing building system designs and fundamental factors of commercial buildings. They also strive to reduce the building’s operational costs, minimize downtime, prevent building system clashes, and find ways to improve energy efficiency.

MEP engineering professionals focus on:

  • Mechanical Systems: This includes heating and cooling systems, such as mechanical HVAC.
  • Electrical Systems: Panels, switchboards, and cable trays fall under this category.
  • Plumbing Systems: This includes water holding systems, pumps, and sand traps.
  • Fire Safety Systems: Smoke curtains, piping systems, and fire sprinkler systems are included in this category.
  • Outside of Building: Outside building services include roofing systems and other external building systems.

Explaining MEP Work in Construction

Neglecting to consult with an MEP system professional before commercial building construction has a variety of negative impacts, such as increased operating costs and energy use. But advising with an engineering expert on MEP work in construction gives you a wide range of building system benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Employee Comfort
    • It’s common for MEP coordinators to find processes to improve air control systems. This results in higher indoor air quality and the alleviation of any concerns your staff may have.
  • Improved Building Operations
    • MEP coordination services reduce maintenance calls, which lowers your maintenance costs and affects your ROI.
  • Reduced Operating Costs and Decreased Energy Consumption
    • The shelf life of equipment is extended.
    • Failed or malfunctioning equipment is replaced.
    • Solutions for systematic building operation issues are created.
    • Excessive equipment run times due to changes in occupancy or space usage are eliminated.
    • Control sequences are optimized.

MEP Work in Construction Benefits

MEP work in construction ensures that there are no clashes in the MEP design of the building. Throughout the clash detection process, the building’s architect and engineer work together to redesign the building plans and restructure the design of collided system elements. Once the coordination drawing is revamped, the new MEP design is updated, saving designers and engineers from repeatedly updating designs.

MEP work in construction is also beneficial for retrofit and renovation building projects. With a variety of technology advancements and software available, engineers can collect existing, accurate infrastructure data for HVAC, electrical, and plumbing improvements.

Overall, MEP coordination services give you broad flexibility, scalability, faster construction turnarounds, and access to revolutionary building system resources.

Brandt’s MEP Coordination Services

Brandt’s MEP coordination services include using state-of-the-art techniques and best-practices to develop sustainable MEP designs and solutions for HVAC systems and plumbing, ensuring quality is never compromised during the design process and any other stage of your building’s life cycle.

We make excellence a habit. The MEP designing stage is a core component of our longstanding track record of design/build success. When you hire us, you become part of our six-decade history of working hard to meet your expectations.

Our MEP Project Experience

We strive to meet the highest MEP project efficiency standards. That’s why more than 50 of our building system professionals are accredited for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®). We have the experience to assist you with your MEP project for your new or existing building, allowing you to benefit from an energy-efficient MEP design where all of your building systems work together. Our approach to MEP work in construction is based on clash detection, problem-solving, redesigning, and testing. Once you trust Brandt as your quality MEP coordinator, you benefit from a long-lasting commercial building system that outperforms traditional facilities.

Consider Us Your Innovative MEP Coordinators

Our team of expert MEP coordinators offers solutions for a wide range of building systems, such as healthcare facilities, government agencies, laboratories and clean rooms, and places of worship.

Brandt’s MEP work in construction is the foundation of our company. From designing and maintaining HVAC systems to creating customized design-build solutions for commercial systems, we’re dedicated to MEP project excellence that’s integrated into our building design process. By determining design alternatives in collaboration with our customers, we can weigh out investment costs, analyze ongoing operating expenses, and make valuable recommendations that optimize budgets and schedules. Contact us today to learn more about our MEP coordination services.