Commercial HVAC System

Commercial HVAC System: Prepare for Summer

Ensure Smooth Operation with Professional HVAC System Preparation

Summer is in full swing, and it’s crucial for commercial building owners to take proactive steps in preparing their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for the warmer weather. Follow these six essential tips to optimize your system’s performance and handle the increased demand seamlessly. 

  1. Schedule a Professional InspectionTrust Brandt’s experienced HVAC technicians to thoroughly inspect and diagnose your commercial system. Our experts can ensure efficient operation and address potential issues before they become significant problems.
  2. Regularly Inspect and Clean Air Filters – Maximize airflow throughout your facility by changing disposable air filters monthly and thoroughly cleaning permanent filters with the same frequency. Avoid restrictions caused by dust and dirt accumulation.
  3. Maintain Outdoor Units – Keep your outdoor units free from debris by clearing plants, branches, or any organic material. If needed, enlist the help of professionals for proper cleaning and maintenance.
  4. Reduce Sunlight Impact with Window Coverings – Invest in tinted window treatments, blinds, or drapes for your facility to minimize the effect of sunlight on indoor temperatures. This simple step can enhance cooling efficiency.
  5. Consider Upgrading to Energy-Efficient Models Assess the age and repair needs of your existing HVAC units. Upgrade to newer, energy-efficient models that not only offer improved performance but also help reduce utility bills.
  6. Develop a Contingency Plan Supply chain issues can pose a risk to cooling system downtime. Consult with our HVAC service representative to create a contingency plan that addresses potential supply chain challenges and ensures uninterrupted cooling system operation for your commercial facility.  

Trust Brandt for Your HVAC Solutions 

Count on Brandt’s professional team for commercial HVAC system preparation and management. Our expertise lies in proactive building systems management, maximizing performance, minimizing downtime, and lowering operating costs. Visit our website or call 1-833-BRANDT1 to learn more about our HVAC services.