Brandt Headquarters

Brandt Headquarters

(CARROLLTON, TEXAS) – At Brandt, we pride ourselves on working with our local communities to build a sustainable future. That means the best in energy and water efficiency, mechanical innovation, sustainability, and building information modeling. Our headquarters in Carrollton, Texas, exemplifies these values and is a testament to our work for all our clients.


Brandt renovated an existing structure as its new headquarters, emphasizing the inclusion of sustainable features and whole-project engineering to maximize cost savings during construction and energy savings over the facility’s life.


Brandt HeadquartersThe building exemplifies Brandt’s commitment to and experience with:

  • Energy Efficiency. Brandt used energy-efficient lighting throughout the facility and targeted building envelope technologies to protect against moisture and mold while allowing the building to breathe and provide its occupants with healthy airflow. The high-tech, water-cooled HVAC system is highly efficient, and the building’s energy management system uses geothermal heat exchange and a cutting-edge economizer.
  • Mechanical Innovation. Our systems make best-practice use of some of the newest advances in mechanical innovation, including displacement ventilation and condensate recovery, using every aspect of heating, cooling, and ventilation to improve occupants’ comfort while saving energy and reducing pollution.
  • Water Efficiency. Our solar water heating and powerful plumbing improvements save money and protect the environment while improving occupant experience. Even our responsible landscaping choices are a living example of Brandt’s commitment to sustainability. We use local plant varieties with limited water needs and reclaimed water where possible to provide moisture for our live landscaping elements.
  • Site Sustainability. At Brandt, we design our projects to include sustainable living options throughout the use of the facility. The Brandt headquarters includes green parking areas, urban heat island reduction techniques, and even special attention to indoor air quality using sustainable techniques.
  • Reuse/Recycling. We use rainwater harvesting and siphonic roof drainage to reuse water. We also commit to recycling construction site waste to reduce the amount of waste our projects produce drastically. The Brandt headquarters building received the same care and determination in design and execution.
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM). Brandt’s BIM techniques set us apart in the construction industry, and we used them to our full advantage in our headquarters’ design. Our BIM room is a best-in-class practical facility for everything from shop drawings to in-depth computer modeling techniques.


At Brandt, these six areas of expertise combine to provide real-world problem-solving for our clients that’s truly worthy of world-class professional and industrial facilities in the 21st century. Brandt offers the full suite of construction tools and services to make your project successful, from design and procurement through construction to commissioning and long-term maintenance. Our facilities are proof of that commitment.


Owner: Brandt

Contractor: Hill & Wilkinson


Start/Completion Dates: 01/2009 – 10/2009

Project Size: 118,000 SF

Brandt Role: Design-Build Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Services