ABIA Projects Case Study

ABIA Projects Case Study

For over 65 years, Brandt has delivered award-winning mechanical and electrical services to a variety of commercial clients. We leverage our industry-leading craftsmen, licensed engineers, trained technicians, and technology to deliver turnkey solutions that are always on time and on budget. We have gained a reputation for excellence because of our commitment to our customers.

From construction to fabrication, and much more, we have helped numerous companies accomplish their business goals. One of the many clients we are proud to have served is Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA). Our company was contracted to perform plumbing and mechanical installation for its Consolidated Maintenance Facility in Austin.

The Problem

Owned by the city of Austin, Texas, the ABIA holds the title for second-fastest growing mid-sized airport in the country. Only about five miles southeast of downtown Austin, this airport is a major contributor to the economy of Central Texas. This business provides over 74,000 direct and indirect jobs to the people throughout the region. 

In order to keep operations running smoothly, a business such as this requires multiple specialized facilities to serve its various purposes. For the ABIA, this airport required six new buildings that would be located on a 16-acre site in the northeast section of the property, just outside of the secured area. These buildings would make up the airport’s new Consolidated Maintenance Facility, consisting of their headquarters, motor pool, warehouse, trades building, truck wash, and airport police unit.

The goal was to not only construct the buildings, but also achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certification. General contractor, JE Dunn, reached out to Brandt to perform the plumbing and mechanical installation. Given our success with a previous project at the airport, our team earned JE Dunn’s trust to take on this extensive project.

The Solution

The large scale job began in earnest in December 2019. During the pre-construction phase, we paved the path for a heavy prefabrication approach to the project. Our San Antonio fabrication shop fulfilled the demand for piping and plumbing, while our Dallas sheet metal shop supplied the ductwork. 

“This job started before COVID-19 and has been able to remain open and move forward through all the new rules and guidelines set forth. The teams out here have done a great job adapting to job site requirements and keeping each other safe while continuing with our work.” – Sean McNeal, Project Manager

Within a couple of months into construction, the COVID-19 pandemic emerged. Our operations may have initially been slowed, but we were not stopped. Taking the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) best practices into consideration, we were able to continue to work productively while keeping our employees safe. As the project moves on, we continue to follow the CDC’s recommendations. 

The Result

After completing the underground work on the 16-acre site, we have now moved on to the plumbing and mechanical rough-in. This is the stage of construction after the basic framing, initial wiring, and plumbing installations are completed, but before the walls and ceilings are closed up.

There are many demanding aspects to this particular job that is unique to Brandt, such as the motor oil piping systems for the facility. Oil piping is rare for the projects we win and our team is installing these systems for oil changes within the motor pool facility. So, this is a unique opportunity for our project team to broaden their scope of work in a hands-on situation.

Currently, we are scheduled to finish the plumbing and piping installation in March 2021. Once this is complete, the facility is expected to achieve LEED Silver certification as administered by the U.S. Green Building Council. 

Service That’s on Budget and On Time

At Brandt, we take pride in our ability to always deliver projects on budget and on time. Our team is filled with talented workers who are dedicated to providing unparalleled service. When you need service you can trust, turn to the professionals at Brandt. 

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