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Learning Environments Deserve an A+


The education experience should be positive for the students and faculty, and neither should have to worry about what goes on in the mechanical or electrical room—that’s for us to worry about. You can focus on your learning environment and let Brandt leverage our 65+ years of experience to keep your buildings up to speed.

Health, Productivity, Safety

Safeguard the health and productivity of your students and faculty members by improving the air quality, comfort, and reliability of all your campus building systems. Our expert “guidance counselors” can show you how to create a sustainable learning environment on campus that promotes energy efficiency and conservation, while keeping everyone on campus safe, healthy, and actively engaged.

Maximum Return, Minimal Disruption

We also understand that educational budgets are always stretched thin. In addition to reducing your campus’s carbon footprint, Brandt’s energy-saving solutions can help you improve estimates of future operating costs, resulting in better long-term financial planning. We create integrated designs that give you excellent return on every dollar, and our experience with educational facilities gives us an edge to make sure that your new buildings and retrofit projects come in on budget and on time.