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With more than 180,000 square-feet of combined production space in Dallas and San Antonio, our team can manage any project to meet your needs. Our continuous investment in state-of-the-art equipment and automation technology allows us to deliver building solutions in the most efficient manner possible. On most projects we fabricate complete piping systems to include pump hook-ups, skid mounted pump packages, coil hook-ups, Central Plant headers and any redundant connections to increase our efficiency.

Brandt coordinates and self-performs multi-trade fabrication including plumbing assemblies, electrical assemblies, piping, ductwork, hangers, and multi-trade rack systems.

Electrical Fabrication

In our fabrication shop we will fabricate electrical and communications duct banks and ship to the project site for a single pick installation into awaiting excavated trenches. Working together with field and our virtual design team the opportunities to utilize the electrical fabrication shop are endless. At this time we currently can pre-assemble light fixtures, in wall rough, overhead supports and boxes, home run wire spooling, transformer pre-assembly. With new projects coming up, we will be assembling underground duct banks and slab rough in materials.


Modular Fabrication

Integrated modular prefabricated racked corridor systems. Here, all systems are contained in a common framework that can be built and tested off-site, then lifted in sections and secured. The framework can be designed to incorporate ductwork, water piping, medical gas piping, electrical conduit, cable trays, etc. – even fire protection.


SKID Fabrication

The skid fabrication services offered to our customers are created to accommodate the specific equipment, instrumentation and piping will be customized to your specific layout. They are designed to make your installation faster and easier by saving you time and money. We will present you with the ability to use your space efficiently, provide greater quality control during unit construction, ensure accessibility to the systems and reduce installation time for the unit.


Plumbing & Piping Fabrication

Brandt’s two piping locations produce highly accurate, commercial/industrial grade welds at an average rate of 6,400 diameter inches per week (or 18,000 diameter inches at capacity). That’s close to a staggering 1,000,000 inches per year.

  • Underground plumbing piping
  • Structural steel supports for piping and major equipment components
  • Steam hook-up assemblies
  • Coil hook-up’s to air handlers, fan coil units and individual terminal boxes
  • Complete public toilet batteries inclusive of carriers, waste and vent piping and copper water lines
  • Individual room lavatory assemblies, where we trim out fixtures complete with faucets, drains, traps and water supplies prior to delivery on site; ready to be hung on walls or set into counter tops.
  • Medical gas system components including everything from zone valve assemblies, manifolds and headwall outlet drops into vertical chases.


Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our computerized sheet metal facility produces more than six million pounds of ductwork in any given year – up to eight million pounds when operating at full capacity.