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COVID-19: Building Readiness Services

Healthier Systems, Healthier Environments

Reduce the Risk of Spreading Infectious Diseases in Your Facility

Mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems play an essential role in mitigating virus risk. Brandt is prepared to be your resource during these unprecedented times. Take advantage of our Building Readiness Services. Our team is prepared to develop facility plans that address virus mitigation and establish a healthier environment.

UV Lighting

UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) can be used both in the airstream and for continuous HVAC system coil disinfection. This technology has been shown to potentially eradicate viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi when properly applied to HVAC systems or specialized lighting fixtures within occupant spaces.



Touchless Plumbing Fixture Installation

Decrease opportunities for contamination by installing touchless fixtures throughout your facility. Touchless fixtures provide building occupants visual indicators of property management safe initiatives.



HVAC System Filters

Use the highest efficiency MERV-rated filter that your system is designed to use. Let us help determine the best solution for your needs!



Air Dilution & Ventilation

Ensure your facility meets ASHRAE and CDC guidelines for outside air intake and ventilation. Preliminary studies have shown dilution and ventilation help prevent transmission of infectious disease.



Building Readiness & Efficiency Surveys

Ensure your facility is running at optimal levels. Our team can provide recommendations for any needed repairs, adjustments, or upgrades to enhance efficiency and operation.



Controls System & System Verification

Investigate and correct system alarms to ensure that all critical systems are running properly. Review temperature and humidity readings throughout the building and establish if all areas are meeting their desired airflows.

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Brandt is your partner in evaluating building systems to ensure they are operating in proper order. Our team of engineers and designers are prepared to provide system modifications that align with ASHRAE and CDC guidelines. Brandt is committed to providing services for the life of your facility. Certified service technicians can identify mechanical, electrical, and plumbing deficiencies and provide recommendations for improved indoor air quality and system efficiency.