Touchless Fixtures Benefits: Healthier Environments

Touchless Fixtures Benefits: Healthier Environments

Looking to establish a healthier environment in your facility? Look no further than touchless fixtures for your bathrooms.

Cut Down on Cross Contamination with Touchless Fixtures

With commercial touchless bathroom faucets and other touchless plumbing solutions, our team can help you reduce bacteria that comes from touching areas of your bathroom. If you work in a facility or other commercial space our commercial touchless plumbing installation services are the perfect way to help your company create a healthier environment. Brandt can retrofit your facility with the following touchless fixtures:

  • Water Faucets
  • Touchless Toilets
  • Bottle fillers
  • Soap dispensers
  • Hand Dryers


What Are the Benefits of Touchless Plumbing?

There are several advantages that come with using touchless plumbing equipment:

  • A decrease in bacteria that frequently builds up in areas like sink faucets, toilet flushers, and other areas in your bathroom (this is especially important to consider in today’s environment).
  • Automated plumbing means your faucet only dispenses water when it’s completely necessary—meaning you use the minimal amount of water required to get the job done and can effectively lower your monthly water bill.
  • Touchless faucets are a great way to increase your property value as well. Prospective buyers will see there’s less for them to do after moving in and that they’re moving into a ready-made green commercial space.

Optimize Your Space

If it’s time to retrofit your space with high-quality technology that helps you save on ongoing costs and create a healthier environment for your employees, rely on Brandt. You can rest easy knowing that you’re working with a contractor that intuitively understands how automatic faucets and water conservation go hand-in-hand. For more information on how we can help you improve the efficiency of your commercial space with dynamic touchless plumbing equipment, reach out today and schedule your consultation.