Public Assembly and Places of Worship


DALLAS, TEXAS This project consisted of a 370,000SF campus in North Dallas that was completed through three phases of construction. Phase I was the retrofit of a 150,000SF office tower that turned six-floors of the tower into administrative, children’s, youth and adult meeting space. Phase II was


DALLAS, TEXAS The architecturally innovative and unique Winspear Opera House contains a completely acoustical and structural isolated stage area with multi-tiered seating arrangements with below-floor air distribution. Acoustical requirements for the space required careful coordination and selection of very low-noise equipment and systems. The structure for


FORT WORTH, TEXAS The Museum of Living Art (MOLA) represents the only herpetarium of its kind in the world—impressive not only for the diverse and rare animal collection it houses, but also for introducing the future of zoo architecture and habitat design. The new facility includes

AT&T Center

AT&T Center Project Highlights

(SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS) – With an 18,000-seat capacity and over 200 scheduled events a year, the AT&T Center is San Antonio's hub for some of its most important sporting and cultural events, from San Antonio Spurs games to the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo.

Perot Museum

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

(DALLAS, TEXAS) – Situated on a 4.7-acre expanse, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science's design seamlessly merges with its landscape, forming a harmonious blend of architecture and environment. Rising 170 feet into the sky, the 180,000 square foot (SF) structure stands as a 14-story