Industrial Refrigeration

Energy-Saving Refrigeration Systems

If your business uses industrial refrigeration to cool food products, machinery, and large rooms, refrigeration costs make up a large chunk of your energy expenses. However, you can minimize costs and maximize efficiency by partnering with Brandt to carefully choose your design, refrigerant, and equipment.  Energy

Understanding Industrial Refrigeration Systems

Businesses that need to cool products and goods on a large scale use industrial refrigeration systems. The goal of industrial refrigeration is to keep goods at an optimal temperature in an efficient, cost-effective way. Learn how industrial refrigeration systems work and how Brandt can optimize

Explaining Ammonia Refrigeration

Ammonia refrigeration is a cost-efficient way to comply with industry standards and keep your products and goods at an optimum temperature. But which system should you consider? Brandt is here to help explain which system you need. Uses and Benefits of Ammonia Refrigeration Industrial refrigeration systems that