Bar S Processing Plant

Bar S Plant

Bar S Processing Plant

On-site Pipe Drawings for Processing Plant

Brandt was awarded the subcontract for this meat processing plant project in southwest Oklahoma. The drawings issued for bid purposes did not match the existing on-site conditions; therefore the pipe drawings and pipes for processing equipment were prepared on-site by Brandt personnel. As a result, all material orders were expedited 200 miles from Brandt’s corporate office in Dallas, Texas. All piping systems were designated as food service products, i.e. stainless steel pipe and fittings.

This project was a design/build project that had no accurate contract drawings or as builts and demolition work was done prior to Brandt being on site.

Coordination of trades and material expediting required Brandt personnel to provide in-house piping connections to owner furnished equipment, due to non-existent equipment matrix and/or drawings.