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Brandt’s unique bundled approach to Service, Technology, Optimization, Retrocommissioning & Monitoring


Predictive, proactive maintenance on your building systems that focuses on what’s not working and making what’s already working even better.



Using industry-leading, building diagnostic tools, STORM™ gathers utility and building performance data that directs resources on generating the most efficient return for your valuable time and budget.



Weather and continuously-changing space conditions affect even the most finely tuned buildings. STORM™ keeps you ahead of the game and continuously examines your operating parameters to quickly identify and correct system deviations and anomalies.



Buildings don’t often age gracefully. When it’s time to give your facility an upgrade or overhaul, our STORM™ and dedicated engineering teams can assess your situation and make recommendations that meet your budget and schedule. Our NEBB RCx process provides engineered solutions that take advantage of new technologies and energy efficiencies to get your building humming again.



STORM™ continuously collects and evaluates your building so you don’t have to. We customize only the information that is important to you, such as data that can either validate performance or identify areas of concern.

STORM™ – Using Technology to Optimize your Facility!