Brandt Boiler Service

Brandt Boiler Service

Brandt has a long history of delivering top-notch service and powerful customer support in highly technical fields. Our boiler service packages are no exception. Highly trained, expert technicians perform services that will keep your boilers at peak condition for years. Our teams can prevent and solve problems, and provide the expertise to recognize when you do need a systems upgrade to keep your business functioning safely and effectively.

Brandt Boiler Service

Our certified welders and control technicians have over 100 years of combined boiler experience. From new boiler installs and burner retrofits to controls upgrading and feed water repair, we are a full service boiler company. We offer everything from startup service to DA tank service. Our boiler mechanics are certified for all forms of ASME code welding and pressure vessel repair.

Service Offerings

Our welders, with all ASME certifications, tools, and knowledge, offer retubing services ranging from standard steam boilers to large, super heater industrial boilers. We also offer combustion services in which our trained technicians use a certified analyzer to adjust burner firing rate from 0-100%. We check and test all boiler safety interlocks—and provide written documentation and reporting for customer records with everything we do.

Boiler Operator Training

Our boiler operator training is in-depth and targeted to the specific needs of your model and location. We offer highly specified boiler training per manufacturer recommendations. It’s our priority to make sure your on-site operators have the knowledge, skills, and resources to operate safely and efficiently every day they’re on the job.

Service Contracts and Maintenance Agreements

Our agreements can be customized to run monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or biennially. Once you’re under a service agreement with us, we are your go-to information and service center for full-service boiler operations—DA tanks, traps, feed taps, condensate tanks, valves (including pressure reducing valves)—and more.

At Brandt, we pride ourselves on high-quality service and long-standing business relationships. To learn more about our boiler services agreements, visit our website or contact us.