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Providing peace-of-mind to our clients


Brandt has an extensive program in place to test and qualify our skilled workforce to assure they can perform work to the required standards. We have well-documented procedures in place for work for orbital welding, vessel repairs, boiler maintenance, and other processes that are regulated by codes and governing bodies.

Brandt: Stellar Quality Assurance


The Brandt QA/QC department independently oversees our work to make sure we are doing work right the first time and providing safe and reliable systems for our clients. Our technological capacity allows us further checks on our workflow processes to provide client assurance that our work meets or exceeds QA/QC standards, every time.


QA/QC and Commissioning

That QA/QC emphasis is part of the reason for our success in commissioning/retro-commissioning. All compliance and workflow processes are in place during the design/build process so that when commissioning occurs, our clients are positioned for success—the first time.


Our unwavering QA/QC focus sets Brandt apart from the competition. Every field provider of technical maintenance is subject to rigorous quality control training and further checked through regular workflows and automated processes. Brandt has built a name on successful QA/QC delivery, and we work hard to make sure that reputation stays spotless.