What to Look for In a Commercial Plumbing Company

What to Look for In a Commercial Plumbing Company

A commercial plumber should provide quick, on-time service and have the resources to fulfill the exacting needs of professional installations.In a professional setting, plumbing is a convenience we rarely consider—until it isn’t working properly. But the cost savings potential of quality professional plumbing services is vast. New federal government regulations, in particular, are driving plumbing upgrades toward energy efficiency in the business community.

Going Green in the Plumbing Industry

Green business and industry are driving a push to improve existing facilities and build new installations that are highly energy efficient—and thus highly cost effective through long-term energy savings. Toilets, urinals and faucets that save water and reduce energy usage can help eliminate waste (both literally and figuratively). It doesn’t matter whether you are a small, home-based business or a massive international corporation—green, commercially focused plumbing can help you save energy and reduce costs at the same time.

Asking the Right Questions

It’s important to do your homework when choosing a commercial plumber. Make sure you opt for a service that specializes in and understands the needs of commercial projects. Experience is key when it comes to knowing what professional companies need and how best to achieve the desired results.

Ask whether the plumber is insured and certified, and whether they have ongoing projects or programs. These “case studies” can provide proof of a firm’s current work and capabilities, as well as providing references. References are so important in understanding how a commercial plumber works with other businesses, so you know how they are likely to work with you. Before you trust anyone with your money and your time, know who they are and how they work.

Just as important as references are client guarantees. Ask the plumbing service what guarantees they offer and what policies they have in place when problems or questions arise. Clear, publicly available policies are signs of a firm with experience that  expects to maintain long-term relationships built on transparency and trust.

Ask if the commercial plumber you are considering has training in green technology. Training is a necessity when it comes to understanding legal compliance standards and the best options in a constantly changing industry. You need a guide who understands the cutting edge of commercial plumbing inside and out, as well as one who understands the importance of timing and scheduling. Ask how they manage their projects and who is in charge of that project management.

Brandt Commercial Plumbing Services

The more you ask up front, the easier it will be to plan and implement commercial plumbing projects on time and in budget. At Brandt, we’re happy to answer your questions and to be your one-stop commercial plumbing shop. We have the capacity to handle large construction and installation projects and the experienced technical staff to maintain your facilities with 24/7 emergency care should problems arise.

At Brandt, we pride ourselves on long-term business relationships and top-quality work. To find out more about our commercial plumbing service, check out our website or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.