What is BIM?

What is BIM?

What is BIM?

The easiest way to get the results you want is to plan ahead, and building information modeling (BIM) is the best way to get a clear image of what you’re looking for. 

Redefine Design With Brandt’s BIM Services

How often are you resolving issues during your building planning process through trial and error? Resorting to your best guess is a surefire way to create chaos down the road—but what’s the most effective way to remove the guesswork out of construction design and planning? Building information modeling (BIM) is paving the way for businesses around the world to generate more precise plans for the design, construction, and ongoing management of their facility. Simply put, it removes the ambiguity for what can be a dragged-out, unclear process. And Brandt’s team is here to make your life easier than ever.


In this blog, we’ll talk about how BIM can benefit your building and how Brandt can leverage cutting-edge technology to yield the best results for your construction planning and management process. It’s never too late to start planning for the future—take the time to solidify your construction timeline with Brandt.  

What is BIM and how Does it Work?

BIM has been around for some time but has really picked up steam industry-wide in the last few years. But what does it actually mean, and how is it used by contractors? BIM essentially boils down to the process spanning the initial design and development of a project, all the way through to the installation of the physical building. By digitizing the physical representation and unique characteristics of a given facility, you’re getting more than just a blueprint—you’re getting an in-depth look at the entire life cycle of a building before building even commences.   


The “models” in BIM represents the digital files that characterize every single aspect of the project, which allows everyone involved to have a clear-cut idea of what the project is ultimately going to look like as well as a database for them to return to throughout the process. BIM is more than just its 3D model reputation—time, cost, and as-built operation can be included in the database for a comprehensive look at the project’s progress. 

What are BIM Objects?

Think of every component of a building. HVAC equipment, piping; staircases, elevators; desks, chairs, conference rooms. What sort of products would you need to account for when planning out a facility? There are so many moving parts to keep track of, but it’s crucial that you have a clear understanding of where everything in your building is ultimately going to go. BIM accounts for all of that—whether the object is TBD or decided from Day One, BIM allows users to visualize their entire building by combining all of the objects that they are going to use. This accommodates both solid shapes or void-space oriented objects (meaning you can plan the shape of a room without necessarily filling it from the beginning).  

Tangible Solutions to Real-World Issues

Construction project managers have had to try and outmaneuver inevitable design process issues since Stonehenge (how did they do that?), and at long last, their calls for clarity have been answered by the construction industry. BIM services from Brandt is just one of the many technology solutions we use to make our clients’ lives easier and their construction process that much smoother. From 3D laser scanning to MEP design/build, no one does a better job of making sure that you’re in the best hands possible. Our entire team is committed to helping you avoid the avoidable issues and steering you toward a precisely-constructed, reliable building.

Need More Information?

We know that BIM software and 3D laser scanning can seem confusing if you don’t have any experience working with them. But isn’t it time you collaborated with a provider that understands the problems you face and can actually prescribe a solution? At Brandt, our team members are here to support you throughout the entire building process, from initial development all the way through to ongoing maintenance. If you’re interested in removing the guesswork from your next construction project, contact Brandt today for more information.