The Ultimate Guide To Medical Gas Repairs and Vacuum Services

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The Ultimate Guide To Medical Gas Repairs and Vacuum Services

Medical gas systems are instrumental in the healthcare industry. Certified maintenance keeps medical facilities with sensitive med gas sources operating safely.

Medical gas systems are staple pieces of equipment in most healthcare venues. A medical gas supply is comprised of healthy gas mixtures. This includes oxygen, medical air compression, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, surgical air, and anesthetics.

In order to safely distribute med gases throughout the building, three things are critical:

  1. Air compression systems
  2. Sufficiently working vacuum pumps to suction up excess gas
  3. Preventative maintenance provided by a certified professional

Medical Gas Repairs Done Right

Medical gas and vacuum systems can be costly to manage. If you are not carefully treating your equipment with care, then be prepared to spend a fortune on repairs and maintenance. Before you schedule any med gas repairs, make sure that the company you are working with knows what they are doing.

When it comes to med gas and vacuum repairs, this is the checklist that your maintenance partner should be following:

Analyze the equipment:

Since medical gases are crucial for the smooth operation of a medical facility, proper installation is a critical priority. It takes special material handling equipment to effectively manage med gas substances. Make sure that your medical blueprint meets all standards imposed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). If your medical equipment comes up short at meeting any of the necessary requirements, then it’s important to schedule a repair with a qualified individual.

Determine a budget:

Don’t expect anything pertaining to medical gas to be cheap, especially repairs. Before you sign the dotted line on any agreement, it’s vital for the service company to understand your budget. The best partners to work with are those that are able to establish affordable plans that won’t force you to break the bank.

Create an effective action plan:

It’s ineffective to install a medical gas system if you are not following up with proper maintenance. Building management laws are continually changing, so it’s important to establish a plan that can help your facility keep up with any applicable law codes. The mechanical professional that performs maintenance on your medical gas system must be knowledgeable and skilled enough to apply any necessary tune-ups. In order to keep your med gas systems in optimal condition, make sure to schedule routine inspections.

Conduct risk assessments:

A healthcare facilities med gas equipment must be fully compliant with several mandates at the federal, state, and local levels. In order to meet these requirements, you need to make sure that your med gas system can be shut down during emergencies. Conduct a risk assessment on your source equipment, before refilling any medical gases. This ensures that emergency shutdowns will be enacted when disaster strikes.

Gas leak preventions:

Leaks in a medical gas system can cause many major concerns. Medical gas leaks can put a patient’s safety in jeopardy. Poorly functioning systems don’t produce proper gas quality, and this will usually cost a fortune to fix. Regular maintenance on your med gas systems allows professional technicians to patch up any punctures, thus eliminating the spread of uneven med gas distribution. As a result, this will help you avoid wasting gas material, while also preventing costs from skyrocketing.

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