The Ultimate Guide to Energy Efficient Air Conditioning

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The Ultimate Guide to Energy Efficient Air Conditioning

When it gets hot, a natural reaction is to crank up the cool air. However, the cost of your energy bill may prevent you from turning on the air conditioner. Energy efficient air conditioning could help your organization save money and keep your building comfortable.

How to Increase Your AC’s Efficiency

Although your central heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit may be in working order, that doesn’t necessarily mean your heating and cooling system is energy efficient. An older AC unit uses about 30% to 50% more energy to produce the same amount of cooling as a more modern, energy efficient system.


The simplest way to improve energy conservation is to install a new HVAC system. If purchasing new equipment isn’t an option for your business, that’s no problem. You can optimize your current system’s efficiency by taking the following steps.

Change the Filter

When is the last time you changed your air filter? If your filter is dirty, your commercial HVAC system will have to work harder to keep your building cool. It’s recommended you change your filter regularly—every three months at the minimum. However, you really should be checking on your filter every month, especially during periods of heavy usage such as summer and winter.  

Yearly Tune-Ups

Even new cars need tune-ups now and then; so does your energy efficient HVAC unit. It’s recommended you have the system looked at every year. Regular tune-ups can increase your overall energy savings.

Seal Your Cooling Ducts

One of the most overlooked ways to make your AC unit more efficient is to seal and insulate cooling ducts. Sealing the seams and connections of ducts with duct sealant or metal-backed tape will improve airflow. Wrapping the newly sealed ducts in insulation prevents them from becoming hot or cold. This can improve efficiency by up to 20%. 

Ensure Proper Installation

Purchasing new energy efficient appliances is a great start, but improper installment can rob you of all of the benefits. When installed improperly, new equipment can reduce efficiency by up to 30%. Ensuring your unit is optimized to perform at its best can result in lower energy bills and extend the equipment’s life span. 

Let Brandt Companies Help You Improve Your AC System

Maximize the potential performance of your AC by improving its efficiency. At Brandt, we provide commercial HVAC maintenance services to help you save money.


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