How Technology is changing the Construction Industry

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How Technology is changing the Construction Industry

At Brandt, we support the benefits that come with incorporating technology into construction services. However, there are still many businesses that haven’t seen the value in committing their time or money to technology.

There have been proven benefits of incorporating certain technologies into construction. Here’s a look at a few of those that are changing construction as we know it.

Mobile Devices and Apps

The most popular of all new technologies in the construction industry has to be mobile devices. Workers in this industry utilize simple apps allow employees to access, document, share, and edit information while on the job. There are also heavy-duty devices that are created for field work and offer screens that are brighter for viewing in daylight or poor weather conditions.

It’s widely believed that the next step in construction technology will consist of wearable mobile gear. This will allow workers to be device/hands free at all times.


Drones are being utilized to support site assessment and inspections, as well as provide the project team with an understanding of progress. Companies are also using these devices to monitor logistics, deliveries, and employees. Additionally, drone footage can be converted into 3D images which can be beneficial for architectural planning.

It is predicted that drones will continually be a popular construction tool because of their advanced cameras and lenses that can capture better images, as well as enhanced communication abilities with the software on the receiving end.

The Internet

The internet has transformed how we design and build construction projects. It has proven time and time again to be the starting point for many of today’s innovations.

By assisting with construction management software, GPS, and other helpful tools, the internet has allowed for better precision in all aspects of the construction project. This has automated the process and reduced the amount of errors saving time and money.

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