STORM™ Technology is the Building Automation System Software You Need

STORM™ Technology is the Building Automation System Software You Need

Don’t let outdated processes dictate your level of performance. Building automation systems (BAS) are the perfect way to take your company into the future of work with minimal hassle. At Brandt, we’ve developed STORM™, a revolutionary tool designed to simplify stressful parts of your operation and reduce high utility bills. 

So many companies stick it out with inadequate, ill-fitting pieces of equipment. Why? Because sometimes it’s easier to sit tight with what you have instead of venturing out into the unknown. But what if the new equipment you installed improved more than simple functionality? What if it provided clarity for your operation and gave you a more concise idea of where your system stood at all times? 

That’s exactly what STORM™ technology does for our clients. Building automation systems are changing the way facility managers interact with their HVAC; STORM™ is here to take it to the next level. 

What is STORM™ Technology? 

The key to maintaining smooth operations throughout your facility is incorporating technology that provides real-time feedback. With a customizable Utility Monitoring dashboard, real-time updates on everything from indoor air quality to your control system, and a user-friendly interface designed to simplify equipment management, every core area of your facility is covered with STORM™. STORM™ is comprised of five crucial areas:

  • Service: Predictive, proactive maintenance for your entire building system
  • Technology: Industry-leading diagnostic tools designed to gather crucial data for quick ROI
  • Optimization: Continuous integration of crucial tools and fine-tuning existing equipment
  • Retrocomissioning: In-depth building assessments that yield quality solutions
  • Monitoring: Up-to-date performance evaluations for every part of your facility

Automation exists to simplify your process, not convolute it. Make the change to a smarter way of operating your HVAC system today and implement STORM™ technology in your facility. 

What Does the STORM™ Process Look Like? 

There are so many specific categories that you have to keep track of when you’re operating a facility—is your technology helping you gain clarity, or making things more ambiguous than they need to be? STORM™’s functionality is broken into four categories, each one operating in tandem with the others. We don’t believe there’s anything positive about isolating parts of your building or working with a system that fractures different components of your workflow. All four parts of our process play into each other and contribute to the performance of your facility. 


  • Compare your utility consumption to other buildings in your industry
  • Evaluate how your building’s performance has fluctuated over the years
  • Uncover root causes of inefficiencies within your infrastructure 


  • Proactive identification of opportunities to improve
  • Improving safety measures and minimizing facility-wide redundancy
  • Prepare your team for future changes


  • Installation of low/no-cost control systems 
  • Rectify underperforming equipment and maintain compliance specifications
  • Upgrade your system and equipment with turnkey design, construction, and renovation


  • Ongoing facility analytics monitoring keeps our team connected
  • Data-driven evaluation and reports
  • Remote and onsite support available to your team 

It’s time to take that next big step. If you want a simple way to increase functionality, reduce consumption, and decrease your monthly utility bill, there are few better options than STORM™ technology from Brandt. Work smarter today and implement a cutting-edge building automation system.

Where is Your Facility Falling Behind?

Exorbitant operating costs; outdated air conditioning; inconsistent building management. There are so many individual areas that can quickly combine to cause a real headache for facility managers. It’s so much easier when you work with technology that actively reduces the stress in your life. That’s why Brandt’s industry-leading STORM™ technology is the perfect way to upgrade your facility—why not work with software that takes care of several problematic areas at once? 


If you want to revitalize your approach to your facility’s operations and build a brighter future for your company, the time to make a change is now. From energy management to simplifying your building operations, no one’s in a better position to help you accomplish all that and then some than Brandt. And with software designed to minimize redundancies and save money for your organization, you’re guaranteed a solution that fits with your budget. For more information on how we can help upgrade your space, reach out to Brandt today.