Signs Your Boiler Needs Maintenance

Signs Your Boiler Needs Maintenance

Boilers affect your entire facility, and it is important to keep your system in prime condition. At Brandt, we know the impact an inefficient boiler can have on your business. We have put together a list of tell-tale signs it’s time to have routine maintenance performed on your unit!

No Hot Water

The first red flag to a possible unknown boiler issue is a lack of hot water. This could be because your thermostat is set too low, or it could be a larger underlying problem such as broken parts or valves needing replacement.


Any water escaping from your boiler is a bad sign. Leaks can cause an increase in cost and can also lead to a complete system failure or structural damage. An indication of a leak is water outside of the unit itself or puddles on the floor.

Low Water Pressure

If your hot water is working but is coming out of the faucet very slowly, your boiler’s pressure could be the cause. A decrease in pressure could be the result of a leak or blockage located somewhere in the system. This issue could affect the entire facility.

If you see any of these signs, it is best to trust a professional to handle the issue to ensure the repair addresses the root of the problem. Because your boiler system is a critical part of your business, the Brandt team has created powerful boiler system solutions based on experience and innovation. It is our dedication to customer satisfaction that has earned us a reputation for care and precision. If you think your boiler is due for maintenance, contact to professionals at Brandt today!