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STORM™: Technology

Brandt uses industry leading technology to provide predictive solutions for your space. Whether it’s optimizing the air distribution in your data center, improving your energy utilization or proactively identify building issues, Brandt uses technology to keep you ahead of the curve.


STORM™’s Utility Monitoring dashboard brings visibility to your energy cost and consumption. Utility Monitoring service includes: Seamless integration into ENERGY STAR, online access, weather normalization, comparisons to similar buildings, and cost avoidance analysis.

STORM™ utilizes industry-leading software to connect to the Building Automation System and identify parameters that are out of tolerance. For example, which VAV boxes are not meeting temperature or airflow setpoints.

Brandt uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to identify ways to optimize airflow and energy savings in the data center white space. CFD modelling builds an exact virtual replica of your data center and then creates an optimized model to reduce costs and increase redundancies.



Data Center Efficiency Audit:


Data Center Maintenance: