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STORM™: The Process

STORM Process


STORM™ utilizes innovations in technology to collect and analyze data from your building to answer key performance questions.

  • How does your utility consumption compare to similar buildings?
  • How has your building performance changed over time?
  • What are the leading indicators of inefficiencies in your facility?



STORM™ collaborates with you and your team to find solutions that matter most to your business needs.

  • Identify opportunities to improve comfort and efficiency.
  • Balance safety, redundancy, and reliability.
  • Adapt to changes in the building operation and prepare for future changes.
  • Provide the best return on investment or use of capital expenditures.



Brandt’s expansive MEP service offerings allow us to implement a wide range of solutions.

  • Low/no cost controls system adjustments and optimization.
  • Service repairs to bring poorly performing equipment back up to specifications.
  • System upgrades and equipment replacement recommendations.
  • Turn-key design construction/renovation services.



STORM™ stays connected to validate that solutions continue to meet your performance goals.

  • Ongoing facilities Analytics and Proactive Monitoring.
  • Data driven performance evaluation and reports.
  • Remote and/or on-site facilities utility and operations support.
  • Continuous compliance via customized system performance metrics.