Safer Battery Storage with Tesla

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Safer Battery Storage with Tesla

It’s safe to compare Elon Musk to a wizard. Over time, he has redefined the automotive industry on countless occasions since he founded Tesla Inc. in 2003. As a leading luxury automotive brand, Tesla continues to make noise for its unique and energy efficient vehicles. Tesla doesn’t make your average plug-in hybrid cars.

The company made a significant splash on the world when the Tesla Model S was launched on the market in 2015. Shortly after, the Model S quickly became the best-selling electric vehicle across the world. Following the success of the Model S, Elon Musk and company released the Model X SUV and the Model 3 Sedan.

Fast forward three years later, Tesla continues to draw headlines for the company’s contribution to electric energy and solar power. By June of 2018, Tesla made new waves when they released a highly efficient battery pack solution, called the Powerwall. Tesla partnered with energy powerhouse Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) to tackle this new venture. Many experts believe that this is going to be the company’s most prominent contribution yet. You can trust that this innovative battery system will change the world as we know it.

This new battery system will be a safe source of renewable clean energy. Tesla claims that this is much more than new battery power. The electric car juggernaut describes this solution as a full-service “energy storage system.” It’s intended to perform a variety of functions that will help people preserve multiple energy sources. Here’s what you can expect from this impressive, new energy system:

Safer Battery Power:

With the Powerwall, Tesla is able to isolate damages that are triggered by faulty battery cells. This will preserve working cells in the full battery pack. It’s a durable system constructed out of powerful ion material. You can trust that battery system to withstand multiple disruptions and energy threats.

Massive Energy Capacity:

If there’s one thing that Tesla is known for, it’s a significant power supply. The company is responsible for generating much of the world’s energy. Expect the power wall to carry tremendous amounts of power. Its battery grid alone is powerful enough to support more than 100 households at once. This storage solution will be able to operate with up to 1.1 GWh of power.

Major Consolidations:

The power wall can support many things all at once. Users will be able to generate enough power to back up their homes, refrigeration systems, wi-fi systems, and more. This can all be bundled together under this massive, unified power source.

Long-Term Efficiency:

Tesla and PG&E’s Powerwall is a very strong energy grid. It’s built to withstand dangerous weather conditions and other disasters. It has enough power to support people for years. Tesla continues to contribute to the decline of energy price, so you can expect the Powerwall to be an affordable resource for a very long time.